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 Racepace Summer 18

Group Intensity Workouts: Summer/Fall '19

June - October: 6:30-8pm (or 6-7:15am, if indicated)

1) MON - UPTOWN TOR - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery...starts Jun 3rd

2) TUES - WEST TO (6am) - Grenadier Cafe/High Park...starts Jun 4th

3) WED - WEST TOR - L'Ecole Secondaire Ouest...starts Jun 5th

4) THU - CNTRL TOR (6am) - Lawrence Park Coll...starts Jun 6th

5) THU - OAKVILLE/MISS. - Iroquois Ridge HS...starts Jun 6th

GROUP OMP, LSD & RACEPACE Schedule/Locations TBA

Ekiden Group 18

 Please Note:

* Initial Testing for new Customized Training Plans is available at all sites in June/July, but please call/email to notify us of your attendance at least 24hrs in advance (alternatively, self-testing is an option)

Click here for more info)
* All workout sessions proceed regardless of weather conditions, UNLESS an emergency email notification is issued 6-12 hours b/f start of session.

 Coach Kev Purple Time

Hillacious 18

Group intensity workouts, midweek threshold runs, weekend LSD & racepace runs...and a whole lot more!
Our Philosophy of Training

Click here to view our philosophy of training, aptly summarized by the acronym

"I B.E.L.I.E.V.E!"

Refund Policy  

Note: All Personal & E-Coaching Services require minimum 3 month sign-up (HST extra). 

Credit (transferable but not refundable) can be issued on 'paid for' but unused coaching services upon request, and redeemed within 2 years.

Personal Coaching - Bronze Level

Enjoy weekly motivation and support in a coached, small group environment

  • Weekly intensity work-outs prepared for you based on the customized training plan we design for you, Midworkoutand your week-by-week intensity workout results
  • Work-out supervision, monitoring, recording by MDI's top-flight staff of coaches
  • Real-time analysis/feedback on pacing, running form, and psychology at work-outs
  • Weekly E-Bulletins w/expert training tips, team news and updates
  • Weekly Group OMP (a.k.a. Ordinary Mortal Pace, or "steady state"), Long Slow Distance & Racepace Run opportunities (see sked for details)
  • "Mix & Match" privileges - can't make your regular group w/o? No problem. Give us 24hrs+ notice and you can join in any other MDI coaching group that week
  • E-newsletters (twice per year) on local & int'l running news, opinions and stories, runner profiles, training tips, useful and cool running websites
  • Race week Training Assessment and Goal Time & Race Strategy Determination
  • Invite to Marathon Dynamics' famous post-season parties!
  • Post Race Review (phone/email) to review race day & determine "lessons learned" (optional - $15 extra)
  • Please note: ongoing coaching contact by phone/email is not included at this level (occasional email or call is fine)…best time to ask coaching advice at this level is in person, before or after your workouts.
  • Price: $22/week (or less)

Ekiden gang 18

Personal Coaching - Silver Level

Bronze Coaching PLUS all the benefits of E-Coaching (see below) included

  • Price: $34/week (or less)…a savings of over $25/month!

Personal Coaching - Gold Level

Silver Coaching PLUS all the benefits of E-Coaching Plus (see below)

  • Price: $46/week (or less)
Streetsville 18

Dom VR BostonKristin D Boston 





  • Monthly review, analysis of training plan records, with coaching insight provided
  • Training plan revisions/updates as required (fax/e-mail log every 4 weeks completed)
  • Access to helpful tips, info, research & reference material by email, as requested, re: diet, injuries, x-training, race day strategy & prep, post-race evaluation & recovery, etc.
  • Feedback (& plan revisions, if/as required) is provided within 5 days of receiving data
  • Up to 2 training-related email exchanges/week (note: phone calls are not considered part of EC)
  • Registration in our "private" online coaching & discussion forum
  • Guaranteed "Supporting Cast" referral service (within Toronto area) - sports med, nutrition, massage, chiro, biomechanics, strength, etc.-the best specialists for runners.

Note: participation in group INTENSITY work-outs (Personal Coaching) is not included with this service, but joining our weekday OMP and weekend LSD groups is encouraged, if convenient.

Price: $22/week (or less) (minimum 10 weeks)

Correspondence coaching for those who prefer to train solo.
Long Time MDI Runner...

"I can't say enough how much being a long time client has meant to my running. As I have become more experienced, my times have improved immensely & running has become much more enjoyable. I look forward each morning to seeing what's planned for my daily workout.  I would highly recommend Marathon Dynamics if you want to improve your running or reach a specific goal - they really want you to achieve, the rest is up to you."

Glenn Orchard after a 5-min Half Marathon PB

ATB 18

Correspondence coaching for independent runners who prefer solo running with exceptional personal coaching communication.

E-Coaching Plus

  • Bi-weekly review, analysis of training plan records, with coaching insight provided
  • Training plan revisions/updates as required (fax/email log every 2 weeks completed)
  • Access to helpful coaching tips and suggestions as per "regular" E-Coaching
  • Feedback (& plan revisions, if/as required) is provided within 3 days of receiving data
  • 1 scheduled weekly telephone coaching call (up to 15 min)
  • Email "priority" correspondence (day by day, as required)
  • Registration in our "private" online coaching & discussion forum
  • Detailed pre-race strategy session b/f goal event-including goal time setting, split forecasting, contingency planning & post-race analysis

    Price: $35/week (or less) (minimum 10 weeks)

Dynamo Ekiden

Race Day Coaching

The MDI coaching staff has had great success assisting individual clients achieve their ultimate dream performances by actively coaching them in over the final few, ever-critical, always tough joining them on-course, mid-race and actively coaching them in over the always-tough, ever-critical, final few kms or miles, either by running, cycling or inline skating alongside.

Prior to the race, we objectively determine your most challenging yet realistic time goal, based you're your training records, then craft your best pacing strategy, based upon the course and expected conditions.  We provide real-time feedback on pacing and running form, and try various motivational techniques to help you find ways to stay strong right to the finish line. 

Price: $125 flat fee + $30/hr of "in race" coaching (min. 1hr, extra cost may apply if race >100km o/s GTA)

Race Day Feedback...
"I can't thank you enough for helping me to tough it out yesterday.  I am absolutely convinced that I wouldn't have hit my Boston Q without you.  I was hurting so bad the last 7K or so, but just tried to stay with you.  The Boston medal was a nice touch!  I can't recall being sooo sore and sooo happy all at the same time!  I'm wearing a permanent smile!"
MDI Runner Nick Friedman - 3:30 at Mississauga Marathon (9 min PB)

10 miler

Private Coaching 

If you simply prefer a 1-to-1 (or 1 to "few") personal touch approach, then this is the option for you! Call or email us for details, and/or to create a package that will work for you.

Regular rates range from $20 pp/session for private groups (3+ sessions, 10+ group) to $80/session for individual, single sessions*.  If interested, please call or email us w/any questions, or for more detailed information on our services and rates, or to book a coaching session at a mutually convenient time.

* Private Groups set up for 10 or more sessions/wks are charged at Bronze rate of $22 pp/session

Please note: for our senior coaches (w/10+ years of coaching experience) premium rates apply - add 25%

Please call or e-mail for further details & instructions, and/or with any questions.

Jacquie J

High Park Sunday Long Runs: 8-8:30am

Whether you're currently training with Marathon Dynamics, alumni from past seasons, or interested in Marathon Dynamics but are looking for a chance to meet/chat/run with our coaches and other runners before joining up...whatever the case may be--YOU'RE INVITED!

We meet at the GRENADIER RESTAURANT, in the centre of HIGH PARK (just west of Keele/Parkside, on south side of Bloor St. W), every weekend throughout the season - rain, shine, snowstorm or matter what!

- Mapped & Measured routes on scenic and challenging courses

- Ideal pre-run gathering place to change, stretch, chat, stay warm/cool, etc. (back room of Grenadier Restaurant, around to the left of the front counter)

- Great spot for post-run coffee and breakfast/snacks to refuel from and rehash the morning's run

- Tons of fun, sociability and shared motivation along the way

- Group leaders for pace groups of a wide range of ability, experience and goals

Please contact me (Kevin) if you'd like to join. 

Note: group departure is no more than 5 min after stated time, so ideally arrive early!

High Park Gang

 Marquis 18


Purple Power Party 18

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