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CTP 1 Mile Trial "Self Test" Instructions

Once well-rested (no running on the day and/or no hard running the day before), go to an ACCURATE (ie. don't just assume) 400m track (if at a high school, maybe call the gym dept beforehand if unsure)...ideally one that's paved or rubberized (ie. not gravel/cinder), and do the following:

1) 1 to 1.5 miles (about 2km) of easy jog warm up--very easy--followed by any gentle pre-run stretching you normally do.

2) 3-4 "striders"--gentle, very running form-conscious accelerations up to your presumed 1 mile test speed (and in fact a little faster) of 80-100 metres in length.  These are not should be running smooth, quick and controlled, with fairly easy breathing.  Rest and walk for 15-20 seconds in between each strider to aid recovery.

3) Take a 3-4 minute break after this to collect and compose yourself for the coming challenge--the 1 mile about the shortest time you can do it in right now.
Note: use the following chart to help determine the appropriate target time/pace of your early laps

Current   Current   Current   Current   Current
Marathon    1/2 Marathn   10K   5K   1 Mile
Time   Time   Time   Time   Time
2:38:33   1:14:05   0:33:05   15:53   04:43
2:49:07   1:19:02   0:35:17   16:56   05:02
2:59:41   1:23:58   0:37:29   18:00   05:20
3:10:16   1:28:54   0:39:41   19:03   05:39
3:20:50   1:33:51   0:41:54   20:07   05:58
3:31:24   1:38:47   0:44:06   21:10   06:17
3:41:58   1:43:43   0:46:18   22:14   06:36
3:52:32   1:48:40   0:48:31   23:17   06:55
4:03:07   1:53:36   0:50:43   24:21   07:14
4:13:41   1:58:33   0:52:55   25:24   07:32
4:24:15   2:03:29   0:55:08   26:28   07:51
4:34:49   2:08:25   0:57:20   27:31   08:10
4:45:23   2:13:22   0:59:32   28:35   08:29
4:55:58   2:18:18   1:01:44   29:38   08:48
5:06:32   2:23:14   1:03:57   30:42   09:07
5:17:06   2:28:11   1:06:09   31:45   09:26
Find a race time that accurately reflects what you feel your speed/fitness to be, and then read across to the corresponding 1 mile trial time (far right).  This is the target time for pacing purposes that you'll use.  Divide that time by 4 to get your target approximate lap time (ie. 7:13 = 7x60+13 = 433 seconds/4 = approx 108 sec or 1:48/lap), and use that to guide/adjust your pace over the first two laps.  After that, either hang on (if really struggling) or pick it up (if feeling strong) to ensure that you finish as fast as possible overall and have nothing left at the finish.
Great Tip: run the first (of 4 total) laps at what feels like a 5K run/race speed intensity...once you're through that and on the 2nd, you can start to adjust your effort accordingly.  As you approach the end of the 2nd lap, ask yourself if you think you can pick it up a bit, since you "only" have 2 laps/800m to go (it will feel like a very far way at that point though!), or if you're already "just hanging on".

4) Report back to us with the following:
     a) your final time for the 1 mile
     b) ideally all 4 of your lap split times (at least the first lap split for sure)
     c) your maximum observed and/or recorded heart rate reading during the test (if currently using or planning to use a heart rate monitor during your training this season...otherwise, don't bother recording this)
     d) any adverse conditions/circumstances before/during the test (ie. extreme weather--heat, wind, cold, rain, etc..sickness..) that may have affected your run

5) Take a couple minutes of walking recovery when finished, followed by a 1 mile/2km cool down jog.

That's it! Report all the good news to us, and we'll get busy on your new Customized Training Plan

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