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Links to the Running World 

Canada Running Series  The top-rated national race series
conducted by Runner's Choice Promotions  awesome queery-able race calendar and results site for all races in Ontario
Sportstats Race results  Where to look for results of
races that featured computer 'chip' timing
Endurance Sports Coaching  was created as a place that Endurance Athletes can get answers to all there questions about coaching. Find coaches for your sport or use our workouts and have them customized to your current fitness level.  Learn about upcoming races - Have your race promoted
ORA Roadrunners  Ontario Roadrunners Association - provincial
body for influencing the running scene
Runner's World Magazine  The leader of the 'rack'
Running Free  best specialty running store operation in the GTA (Markham) for 25+ years
Pivot Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics  West end (Bloor West) running injury specialists.
Urban Athlete  Midtown Toronto fitness, rehab, strength and conditioning operation...very runner friendly
Jean Lamantia  one of the best sports nutritionists for runners around
Marathon Canada  great "national" marathoning site
Running Times  "the other" great running magazine
GMaps Pedometer  very useful site for measuring/mapping run routes
Google Earth  incredibly accurate and cool site for measuring/mapping run routes
Niagara Running Series  best "grassroots" running series in southern Ontario...very well run
Runner's Web  vast resource compendium for all kinds of endurance athletes
Cool Running  funky and fun running site

Run The Planet  like cool running...great place for runners to spend/waste time!

Current Treadmill Reviews - all the latest info, advice and opinions to help you make an informed choice

Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute  a.k.a. S.E.M.I. (Yonge & Sheppard),
a top-rated wellness & sports centre

Cardio vs. Strength Training: Why You Should do BOTH - great info, insight and perspective on achieving balance between the two

The Wired Runner - great online buyers guide resource for running shoes, GPS watches and fuel/water belts! - a place where runners can read reviews of running shoes (more than 100,000 reviews). We help runners find the right running shoes. We are non-profit and have no ads :-) 

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