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Training Plan

Training Plan - New Client (no CTP or PCS in last 2 years) $80
Training Plan - Repeat Client (WITH Coaching this season) $60
Training Plan - Repeat Client (w/NO Coaching this season) $70
Training Plan - Short Season (less than 12 weeks) $50
Existing Training Plan
Enter the Order # of the existing training plan:  

Before adding a Coaching Service you must select a Training Plan option above.

Coaching Service

Please read the important Coaching Term Selection Notes to the right BEFORE selecting your final coaching term...
Start Date

End Date

Total Coaching Months

Step 1: Choose Coaching Type & Level

Personal Coaching
Bronze Level $19/wk
Silver Level $33/wk
Gold Level $44/wk
Please choose your default Training Group if selecting Personal Coaching

Winter/Spring 2014 Training Groups (6:30pm start unless otherwise noted)
maps and directions...
refresh spots remaining
Maximum 30 runners, 14 spots remain

Maximum 30 runners, 10 spots remain

Maximum 30 runners, 3 spots remain

Maximum 30 runners, 19 spots remain

Maximum 30 runners, 8 spots remain

Maximum 30 runners, 25 spots remain

E-Coaching Basic $20/week
E-Coaching Plus $32/week
Additional Coaching Services
Private Coaching 3 Sessions $199
Private Coaching 5 Sessions $300
Private Coaching 1 Hr $75
Race Day Coaching $100

Step 2: Choose Coaching Term
(Please read the Term Selection notes on the right!)

3 Months
4 Months
5 Months
1 Month Top-Up

Step 3: Choose Payment Terms

Single Payment
Monthly Payments
2% fee charged on monthly installment payments
All Personal Coaching & E-Coaching must be purchased in conjunction with a current season Training Plan.
If you've already purchased a Training Plan, enter the order # above. 1 Month Top-Up can only be purchased in addition to Coaching Services purchased earlier in same season.

Special Event Registration

Purple Power Party - November 24, 2012 - $25

By 'Invitiation Only' to participants in Summer 2012 session.

Waiver & Release of Liability
I am participating in this program at my own risk and waive all claims of every nature against Marathon Dynamics Inc., its coaching staff, Kevin Smith, and all other associations, sponsoring companies and sanctioning bodies, in respect to any personal loss or damage, illness, bodily injury or death resulting from participating in the program or caused by third parties during the program.
I understand the physical risk and rigors of running and have prepared myself physically for them.
I hereby attest that my said physical condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor within the immediately prior 90-day period and such doctor was fully informed of the nature of the said program.
I assume the risk of running on or near the roads.
I hereby grant to Marathon Dynamics Inc. the exclusive right to the free use of my name, my voice and/or my picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion or other account of my involvement with its programs.
By clicking "yes" to this waiver I acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to this waiver and release of liability, and understand that I am participating in the program at my own risk.

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Coaching Term Selection Helper

Use this handy calendar to calculate your coaching term.

To begin, enter your desired start and end dates, but PLEASE pay heed to the following notes:

1 - If doing 1 Mile Trial upon 1st visit, please DON'T include that week in your coaching term (it's included in your training plan fee), so usually that means starting the following week.

2 - All coaching terms begin on the MONDAY of the first week (regardless of the day your training group meets), and end on a SUNDAY (regardless of actual day of the week of your race). Please start and end your coaching terms accordingly.

3 - Round Up Bonus! We include up to an extra 1/3 of a month of FREE coaching for each month of your term (starting at 3 mos), if your actual net coaching term is "between months".  For example:

  • up to 3.3 months - select 3 month coaching term
  • up to 4.6 months - select 4 month coaching term
  • up to 6.0 months - select 5 month coaching term

So if your chosen term is between 3.3 - 4 months long (or between 4.6 - 5 months long), we suggest either reselecting a term 1-3 wks shorter and waiting to start, or paying for the full extra month to start right away.

4 - To add a complete post-race review & analysis with your coach (perhaps the most important element of the entire season), please extend your coaching term end date 1 additional week past your race, and book your post race coaching conference call at least a month before your race

Additional helpful recommends for determining your ideal training term:

For 10K training, we recommend a training horizon of 3-4 months. For Half Marathon training, we recommend a term of 3.5-4.5 months. For Marathon training, we recommend 4-5 months (or more!).

The more experienced you are at running your goal race distance, the healthier you are (ie. low injury predisposition, not recently injured), and the smaller the relative improvement you're looking for (ie. 1-2% improvement), the more you can tend toward the shorter end of the given range.

The less experienced you are at running your goal race distance, the more injury prone you are (or if just coming off an injury), and the greater the relative improvement you're looking for (ie. 3-5% improvement), the more you should tend toward the longer end of the given range, if possible. 

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