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‘Tween Seasons Review & Winter Running Primer

Just finish up your season after running your big race lately?  If so, we hope you're resting (at least for 1-2 weeks, minimum)—and we mean TOTALLY resting (from running, if not ALL aerobic exercise).   If not, then you’re one of the many runners who limp back into running action just days after a big race effort.  If we can't convince you to lay off the roads for awhile, then maybe the top US marathoner (well, after this year's NCY Marathon, perhaps 2nd best?), Ryan Hall, can.  The following quote is from his Asics blog, 2 weeks prior to the NYC marathon.

“ People are always surprised when I tell them I let myself get out of shape over a two-week complete no-run recovery period after all my marathons.  I have come to see it as a very necessary part of marathon training.  I have tried only taking a modified break and found that I came back in very good shape but then as I began my training my body goes stale, begins to breakdown in the form of injuries, and I see very little improvement.  Recovery is a necessary part of the cycle of a marathon runner.  Plus, if you never let yourself get out of shape its harder to appreciate being in shape.

Either during your break, or shortly after as you restart with casual “smell the roses” running, it’s a great idea to brush up on your priorities with our “Off Season Checklist & Next Season Planner” Click here to read more.

If it’s been a while since your last big race, and you’re fully recovered and rejuvenated for the coming winter season, then it’s time to bone up on our trusty Winter Running Tips. 
Won't be long till the first snowflakes are a fallin’!  Click here

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