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At Marathon Dynamics, we have our own credo--a powerful, self-affirming acronym which illustrates the principles upon which our philosophy of running is based--and serves as our mantra when the training gets tough!

            I B.E.L.I.E.V.E.

improvementI-MPROVEMENT Through ‘periodization’, Marathon Dynamics' Customized Training Plans ensure that your running is constantly improving; whether that means faster, longer, easier, more consistently or more enjoyably.  If you aren’t noticing gradual improvement in your running when using our system, talk to us, as we may have to revise your plan, and are more than willing to do so!

balanceB-ALANCE - ‘Everything in moderation, and moderation in everything’ is true in running. The best way to accomplish the most with your running, is ironically, to learn how valuable not running can be.  You need rest:  days off, easy days, active rest (cross-training), and sleep.  Adaptation to mileage only occurs in the body during recovery after stress has been applied, so give your body a chance to recover!  Never lose sight of the fact that running should be ‘a part of your life's whole' rather than an all-consuming black hole of your life!  Learn not to obsess and overfocus on your running to the point where your family, friends, work, other interests and personal happiness suffer in its presence.

enjoymentE-NJOYMENT - Dr. George Sheehan said of running, ‘It brings back the play we lost when we grew restores those peak experiences, so rare for the adult, but everyday occurrences for the child.’  Have fun with your running, realize its inherent potential for humor, and don’t be afraid to laugh at it, or with others about it. 

longevityL-ONGEVITY - ‘Planning weekly is weakly planning’   You should always be looking months, if not years down your athletic road to realize your true potential.  How are you ever going to reach a specific destiny if you’re not sure what that destiny is?  Always be aware of why you are training the way you are.  Be purpose-driven. Have a goal, and a plan to achieve it.

intelligenceI-NTELLIGENCE - The MDI motto is ‘the mind leads the body’—we take pride in being ‘academic athletes'.  Our training plan system blends years of training, coaching experience, running philosophy and sport science.  It incorporates the training logic of some of North America’s top running coaches, writers, athletes, and exercise physiologists--Bill Bowerman, Owen Anderson, Jeff Galloway, David Martin, Joe Henderson, Pete Pfitzinger, Kevin Beck, and Jack Daniels.  Ours is a rational, reasoned approach which recognizes the contribution of science to the art of training distance runners.

enthusiasmE-NTHUSIASM - The MDI corporate mission is to ‘inspire people to bring out the best in themselves in body, mind and spirit’.  If an athlete is not passionate about his or her dream, then even with the body toned, and the mind tuned, there cannot be true success.  Our hearts must be intimately involved in our athletic endeavors to get the most out of our training, and to derive satisfaction and achievement from the process itself.  Celebrate your efforts--with others--no matter how you fare, to enrich your running experience and that of the runners around you!

varietyV-ARIETY – It’s the spice of life, and the key to distance running success!  Each type of running in your plan provides variety to continually hasten training adaptation.  Strive for patterned, structured, "varied constancy" in your training though, rather than constant variety.  Plus, we strongly encourage cross-training--considered the ‘key’ to overall total body fitness--as a way to accelerate your running improvement.  As such, MDI emphasizes aerobic and strength cross training for improvement.

excitementE-XCITEMENT - Though people begin running for many reasons other than competition--weight loss, stress management, and health improvement among them--eventually most runners do attempt a race.  Races represent a challenge of yourself, to yourself, and by yourself (and the occasional contest with others).  The race against oneself, though, is the toughest race of all.  You will never know an opponent so well, nor will you be so evenly matched, as with yourself.  This is when running can be its most exciting, and why MDI recommends using races as a testing ground of one’s improvement.  A race will elevate your performance to its highest level, plus offer a context to share your effort among other like-minded individuals.

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