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The Dynamo - Summer 2007


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In this issue:

  1. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL — especially to our top 100
  2. CALVES & CALF KNOTS: the dos & don'ts of happy runner calves
  3. One Marathon Dynamics Runner's amazing story!
  4. How do you get your 10-12 servings per day of fruits & veggies?
  5. The MDI newz - new coaches, new services, new locations, new savings!
  6. A MUSING RUNNER — A parable for you "Chicken Soup" types...

Well Done To You All, But Especially Our Best 100!

Phew…what a season that was! By all accounts here at Marathon Dynamics, our best ever! Thanks to all of you who've supported us, this season and seasons past, and to our stalwart coaching crew that made it yet another unforgettable journey.

Let’s take a moment now to recognize the accomplishments of a few of our running clients this season who really put it all together. We want to single out those that gave the best performance possible, in relation to their own season-starting ability and fitness, with consideration given to the race day conditions and difficulty of their ultimate goal event. It’s relative improvement and achievement we're after, not absolute speed (though that doesn’t hurt either!). Our “esteemed panel of experts" (i.e. our coaching staff) has compiled what we feel to be the "Top 100" Spring 2007 performances of Marathon Dynamics runners. But before you check the results please remember:

  1. We realize that all you worked, ran, and raced very hard this season, but with only 100 performances up for grabs we had to make some tough choices.

  2. There are a number of great performances that DIDN’T make the list…including:

Because incredibly, EVERY single performance listed, except for those asterisked, is a PERSONAL BEST! (far as we know…sorry for any errors). Furthermore every single asterisked performance (except 1) is from the 2007 Boston Marathon, which any of you who ran it (and many of you who didn’t) know was the slowest edition in 30 years (due to the rain, cold and wind. Click here for Kevin Smith’s post-Boston report last month if you hadn’t already read/received it). So we factored in Boston’s course and conditions in determining the “worth” of this year’s efforts. To find out who the “big winners” were this season, please click here. Go ahead, check it...did you make the list?  Did others you know? (Note: apologies in advance to anyone who informed us of his/her results, who we may have overlooked. It's a tough job to find and decide the top 100 out of many hundreds, and we're only human…perhaps even a little less!)


Thanks also to all of you who attended our various Marathon Dynamics Spring Socials last week to celebrate the season behind us, and look forward to one that lies ahead. Great times were had by all of us!

And congratulations to Kerry Walker, winner of our “Guess Your Race Time To Win” Contest at the Mississauga Marathon weekend—she boldly predicted that she’d run a speedy 1:29:45 in the Half, then went right out Sunday AM and ran a 1:29:44.6…within 0.4 second of her prediction! As such, Kerry is the winner of a free MDI Customized Training Plan (though with athletic self-knowledge like that…one might wonder if she needs it!)

CALVES & CALF KNOTS: The DOs & DON'Ts of Happy Runner Calves

As coaches of runners of all abilities, shapes and sizes for the past decade plus, and based upon our own shared experience as competitive road racers and long distance runners, the team at Marathon Dynamics can now confirm that one of the all-time top 2 or 3 running injury issues these days are calf problems--pulls, strains, tugs, tears, etc. Every season there always seem to be a few unlucky souls training with Marathon Dynamics (sometimes it's us!) whose grand running dreams/goals are cut short by a sudden shock of pain somewhere between (and/or including) their Achilles tendon and the back of their knee.

click here to read on.


Last fall, one of our newer runners, Patrick Trainor, ran a stupendously great race at the Chicago Marathon to cap off an unbelievable season of challenge & conquest. He penned a post-race report that I was so moved by that I asked him for permission to run it in our next e-newsletter. Turns out we didn't actually do an official winter here it is, one season later — enjoy!

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More than 3 years ago, a long time running acquaintance came raving to me about a nutritional supplement product he had been taking for quite awhile called Juice Plus. It was purported to "bridge the nutritional gap" between the 9-15 servings of fruits and vegetables per day recommended for adults by the Canada Food Guide and what most of us (definitely including me) usually get—decidedly much less. Of course, endurance athletes, due to how much harder we work our bodies on a daily basis than the "average bear", need even more!

Interesting, I thought, but here to read on.

THE MDI NEWZ: New Coaches, New Services, New Locations...New Savings!

As you decide on your running goals for the summer/fall season, and start figuring out how best to reach them, we hope you'll consider what we have to offer. If you're new to Marathon Dynamics running services, we feel that on every front, we can provide the best training plans & personal running coaching, and deliver the best results, for the best price.

For repeat Marathon Dynamics clients the news gets even here to read on.

A MUSING RUNNER — A parable for you "Chicken Soup" types...

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee.

A here to read on.

Cheers for now gang. Happy running, from your faithful MDI Coaching Crew—the hardest working crew in running!

Kevin, Jackie, Robin, Todd, Jennifer, Bennett, Sherab, Steve & Patty!

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