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The Dynamo - Fall 2002  

Hello there runners, skaters and animals of that ilk, our pavement-pounding, road-racing brothers and sisters, fellow path finders and trail blazers (this is starting to sound like an SUV ad, so I'll stop there!)...


In this issue:
a.. How hot was it?
b.. 10K clinics at New Balance Toronto...starting soon!
c.. "A musing" runner: If you can laugh at it...
d.. An offer you can't refuse (well, I guess you could, but our feelings would be hurt!)
e.. MDI hiring! We're looking for a few good men...and women (runners, skaters, etc.)
f.. Team in for more than yourself this year
g.. Good luck to all this fall...Happy racing!


...How Hot Was it?

How went the (training) battle this summer? Hot...damn hot! We know, we know...can anyone remember a running season this ferociously overheated? Holy sweat-slicked running shorts batman! When will it end? If you think you've had some rough run workouts these past few weeks, check out the picture I've took of one of our Wednesday night coaching clients as he neared the end of his hill training session a couple of weeks ago (see Picture 1).

In the meantime, just remember: "a runner by any other name, would smell as sweat!" (groan)

Well, here's your chance to vent (and with this heat, venting is a great idea!). What was your worst/most/best "HOT" running story/incident from this summer? We'd love to hear it--just a few lines (more if you like)--email us back to tell us about it, OK? We'll include the best of them in our next newsletter issue!


10K Clinics at New Balance Toronto...starting soon!

Want to run your best 10K once and for all? What to run your 1st? Do you know someone who fits this bill? Well....what are you/they waiting for? Come on out! Join us for our unique, highly successfull format of 10K clinic...improve your speed, efficiency and fitness...and have some fun doing it! Super seminars, individually customized schedules and "intensity" workouts, great guidebook, and a terrific coolmax running T-shirt are all features of this popular clinic format. All for only $70 (8 weeks). Limited space available, so sign up now! (email entry forms available upon request) Or call Kevin Smith at (905) 891-3197 for more info.

Yonge St 10K Clinic: starts Tuesdays, Sep. 3rd @ 6:30pm at New Balance Toronto - 1510 Yonge St (north of St. Clair)

Bloor St. 10K Clinic: starts Mondays, Sep. 9rd @ 6:30pm at New Balance Toronto - 2252 Bloor W (Bloor West Village)


"A Musing" Runner: the lighter side of running

A little levity to lift our spirits out of the quagmire of heat and humidity we've all been languishing in for more than 2 1/2 months...check out the "pitstops and finish line" funnies we've attached

In The Bleachers comic

In The Bleachers comic


An offer you can't refuse (well, I guess you could, but our feelings would be hurt!)

Has your training this season gotten derailed for any reason? The heat alone has thrown a huge wrench into many runners' plans--especially those with early season aspirations (such as September race dates). For others, its been slight injury, sickness, or life circumstances that have lead to training "hiccups". Well, now that the giant heat wave appears to be ending (I know, don't count your chickens, but I think we're close!), here's a thought: still run a mid-fall event (5K, 10K or 1/2 marathon perhaps to "get your feet wet" and check your mid-season form), but how about refocusing your efforts on a "big event" slightly later in the season (i.e. Casino Niagara 1/2 or Marathon on October 27th). If you aren't currently following a personal training plan put together by MDI, let us develope a single phase Customized Training Plan to efficiently and effectively make the most of the time you have left before the end of the season? And/or what about trying out our weeknight Personal Coaching Groups at York University (Tuesday), Central Tech HS (Wednesday) or Oakville Trafalgar HS (Thursday), to rev up your motivation and spirit level, and raise the level of quality of your remaining workouts?

Why not give it a try? It's the perfect way to test out just what our training system can do for you, without investing a lot of $$$, as we are extending the following special offer to those receiving this e-newsletter who not currently on/using MDI's plans and coaching.

Customized Training Plan - Single Phase (i.e up to 7 weeks): $35+gst (includes testing, development and materials)
Personal Coaching Groups - Bronze Level: $40/month+gst (for up to 2 months)


MDI is Hiring! We're looking for a few good men...and women (runners, skaters, etc.)

We've got a lot in the hopper for the coming 2003 campaign, with expanding operations in both running and in-line skate clinics, coaching groups, lessons, and corporate seminars--so we're looking for some help! The primary qualifications we're looking for are enthusiasm, knowledge and experience (but not necessarily speed!) with running and/or in-line skating, while things like strong presentation, communication and organization skills are definite assets, but not prerequisites. Are you a past/current client of MDI who might like to give this type of industry a try "from the other side" (i.e. working in it, not just playing in it!). Do you know anyone who might be keen to try? Please do give us a call or email before September 30, 2002!


Team in for more than yourself this fall
RUN FOR SOMEONE ELSE this fall by joining the Leukemia "Team in Training" program. All you have to do is sign up for $25, you get the famous purple wicking shirt you see in Runner's World all the time, and you can raise any amount of funds for leukemia research during the last months of your training. It doesn't matter what race you're entered in, Scotiabank Half, Waterfront Marathon, Chicago, whatever, you can still run under the TNT purple banner and enjoy some activities on Oct. 20 in Toronto.

FREE TRIP TO SAN DIEGO ROCK 'n' ROLL MARATHON: Free? That's right! The Leukemia Research Fund of Canada has been organizing the 'Team in Training' (or TNT) program for a few years now to raise funds for leukemia research, and next year they'll be offering free travel packages from Toronto to the Vancouver Marathon May 4, 2003, or to the Suzuki Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego June 1st. All you have to do is raise a certain amount in donations and the free travel package is yours - air, hotel, transfers, most meals, a party, plus training here prior. MDI provides custom training plans to TNT for their 'correspondence' program and will continue next year. So you can still use an MDI custom training plan but get it free plus have the benefit of the TNT runs, inspiration and travel package! To learn more, go to or email them at: or call: 416-661-2873


Good luck to all this fall!

Just a quick, heart felt vote of encouragement to all of you training hard toward fall events....the Waterfront Marathon and Scotiabank Half Marathon (Sept 15th), the Compugen 10K (October 13th), the Canadian Int'l Marathon and 1/2 (October 20th), the Casino Niagara Marathon & 1/2 (October 27th), a host of U.S. races, including Chicago, New York, Washington, Columbus, Philadephia, and many more! We'll be watching for the stats, but certainly don't be and or email us with your results, and/or a brief story "behind the numbers" to give us a sense of the context of your accomplishment(s), OK?

Speaking of's a little early in the fall season yet to start reporting race results of MDI clients (look for lots of that next issue!), but for now, congrats to a small band of intrepid in-line skaters from our Maraskate program, who, amidst preparing for their "big event" later this fall (Casino Niagara In-line Marathon) decided to sneak a "trial run" in at the distance, by completing the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society's Inline Skate Marathon in Niagara on August 25th. Self-dubbed the "Inline Dynamos", all had a great time, despite some challenging terrain, and gained valuable insight and experience for their "real" race later this season. Way to skate gang! (See post event photo below).

MS Skate


That's it, that's all for now gang! Oh wait, one more thing before we go that's been buggin' us...anyone know another word for Thesaurus?

Cheers from the MDI staff!

"Hi Rev Kev" Smith
Michael "Kermit" Brennan
Darren "Shades" Weldrick
Spence "The Old Guy" Dickson
Terry "Tubby" Sooley
Lisa "Got 'em" Beaton
Steve ("JD") McKinnon
Sally "Geen Machine"
Jeff "The Train" Brabant


PS - MDI "Buy & Sell"...who's got 'em, who need's em! Baby Joggers, and Bike Trailers (i.e. Burley) that is. We've had inquiries on both sides of the equation for those two items, so if you'd like to pick up or unload either, please do let us know the specifics (what you have/want, how much you are willing to sell for/buy at, etc.), and we'll see if we can hook you up with a buyer/seller. PSS - Know anyone who might appreciate receiving this and future newsletters (3-4 per year) from us? Please forward it on to them, and cc us on the forward message...we'll add them to our e-address list!