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New and Exciting Stuff for 2005


Marathon Dynamics Inc - Running Clinics, Customized Training Plans, Coaching & Corporate Seminars

Our Exciting New Stuff:

  1. Customized Training Plans — refined and redesigned for 2005!
  2. Personal Coaching Groups — three evenings a week, four locations!
  3. Racepace Run — new streamlined schedule!
  4. Group Long Runs — want to do our long runs together?
  5. Running Clinics — three major developments

Customized Training Plans

Refined and redesigned yet again, incorporating our findings and experience with how the variable of age affects training and performance. For '05, individual splits sheets will also be provided for all suggested racepace runs throughout the plan, in addition to the race day splits strategy already provided.

Price Increase from $70 to $75 (+gst) as of January 1st - so register before the end of December to receive this year's prices on next year's plans! (note: just submit your completed interview and isn't necessary to have initial 1 mile testing done before the new year)

Note: For those that would like to get the groundwork done for design of their Customized Training Plans early, by meeting us for a "1 mile trial" run at one of our coaching group locations, please see the start up dates listed below for each of the respective locations.

Personal Coaching Groups

We'll refer anyone who would like details about the various coaching services to our website The following info is for those who are (or have been) involved in our coaching programs, and/or have read up on them already and are seriously considering joining one of them. Please contact us if you have any questions whatsoever about how the coaching thing works, OK?

As's the "nitty gritty" details on when & where we'll be starting up our "formal" Personal Coaching Groups this winter/spring season:

  1. Tuesday evenings - 6:30-8pm - York University Indoor Track & Field Centre, starting December 14th onward
  2. Wednesday evenings - 6:30-8pm - Leaside HS/Sunnybrook Park (outside), starting December 15th onward
  3. Thursday evenings - 6:30-8pm - Grenadier Restaurant, High Park (outside), starting December 16th onward
  4. Thursday evenings - 6:30-8pm - Second Cup/Forster Park, Downtown Oakville (outside), starting December 16th

E-Coaching - an increasingly popular way for busy runners with busy lives (who can't make it to regular group coaching, and/or who run largely on their own) to get valuable feedback and analysis, and fine tune their training plan, as they train toward their running goals.

Ordinary Mortal Pace (OMP) Run Groups - the ranks of our OMP runners swelled to over 30 in Mid Toronto in only its first full season offered, based solely on the positive word of mouth and energy that those participating circulated within our running circles. As such, we expect that number to grow this year, with even more of our runners discovering the benefits of objectively measured, marked and monitored routes, and both coach and other "appropriate" running partner accompaniment to get these extremely critical type of run workout done, and done right.

"Private" Coaching Groups - more and more "small groups" of 6 to 10 runners who run/train together are opting to have Marathon Dynamics coach them when and where they want to meet and run (at least 3 or 4 such groups are already confirmed, with more expected in the coming month or so). This is becoming especially popular when most/all of the runners have decided to train toward a single event date. If you are a member of a group of such runners--formal or informal, social or anti-social--give us a call about it, and then discuss the idea amongst your group, to see if you and your running buddies would like to engage the services of our Coaching Staff on your own "independent" terms (i.e. weekday mornings? from your house?).

Racepace Run Schedule - Spring 2005

New for this winter season, we've streamlined the Racepaces to 3 dates (from 5), and will work around some of the "biggy" mid/winter races (i.e. Chilly Half Marathon, Around The Bay 30KM). Here's the rundown...please, please, please record these now in your planners/calendars, if you have even a remote interest in attending. Do not wait to "see if you'll be available" when the weekends arrive...make them available now:

  1. Sunday, February 13 - Edwards Gardens
  2. Sunday, March 13 - High Park, Grenadier Restaurant
  3. Sunday, April 24 - Edwards Gardens

Marathon Dynamics Group Long Runs

Think about it...we're all training together using a similar philosophy and practices, most of us are following specific Customized Training Plans for our day to day runs, some of us are training together at other points in the week (coaching group workouts, OMPs, Racepaces), so doesn't it really makes sense to try and do our long runs together? Now, we realize that many of your may have pre-established routines and groups that you already run with (and/or out of necessity or preference, do many of our Long Runs alone), and we don't want to "rock the boat" too much here, but we'd really, really like to see some cohesive, socially-organized group runs happening, weekend in, weekend out, comprised of those of you were are actively (and even inactively!) running with Marathon Dynamics. So even if it's not an every week thing, please do come on out and give these new groups a try...we know you'll enjoy the experience.

To that end, we are pledging to commit staffing support and presence (at least 1, usually 2 or more) to help host long runs at two different locations on two different days, every weekend in 2005, starting the weekend after New Years (ie. January 8/9), CONDITIONAL UPON US RECEIVING AT LEAST 20 EMAIL RESPONSES (TO ME - KEVIN) FOR EACH OF THE TWO LOCATIONS INDICATING INTEREST IN PARTICIPATING.

Marathon Dynamics will provide maps w/measured courses to new attendees, suggest courses based upon the day-of conditions, and suggest pace groupings based upon those in attendance, but we are not responsible for runners in attendance to any further extent. Though runners may ask for, and coaches may choose to offer/provide coaching advice and information at these runs, the Marathon Dynamics staff are not obligated to do so, nor are they responsible for marking courses, and/or ensuring the safety and whereabouts of any/all runners who choose to join us. The coaches are actually there "as athletes" themselves, trying to get some of their own training done in a social and motiviting environment.

There is no fee for any of these runs...this is simply an invitation and opportunity to join other runners of "like mind and like ability" that are or have trained using the Marathon Dynamics philosophy and practices...and share some richly deserved post run coffee 'n chat after!

Here's the "deets":

Please email me back to indicate your interest...if we don't get enough interest, we can't guarantee the support and co-ordination of these groups, OK?

Running Clinics - Three major developments here to say the least!

  1. Running Free: We are ending our 8 year clinic sponsorship agreement with Sporting Life, and have decided to partner up with other, more runner-focused and runner-specialized organizations. As such, we're pleased and proud to announce our newly-established affiliation with Running Free, a running retailer located just north of Toronto (in Markham) owned and operated by the most "live it, sleep it, eat it breath it" bunch of runners you've ever met (well, maybe other than at Marathon Dynamics, of course, right?). Seriously great gear at even more seriously great prices...and much easier to get to than you might think. If you live anywhere north of Bloor St. or east of the 400, then it's sooo worth the trip (20 minutes at the right time of day) up the DVP/404 to check them out...go to to check 'em out!
  2. We're just now working out the schedule for all the clinics for the coming year, but we can tell you that our first one will a Marathon & Half Marathon Clinic, starting Tuesdays, January 25th (16 week program). Here's what you get:

    ...all for only $99.99! Contact Running Free to register via website/email or call

  3. Fitness Club Clinics: More centrally here in Toronto, we're also very near to reaching an agreement with a major fitness club chain (name to be announced as soon as agreement is official) that will see our entire line of clinics offered to the public at a range of locations around Toronto (North York, Downtown and Mississauga). It looks like we'll also be hosting clinics as far west as Hamilton (through McMaster University Alumni Association) and as far east as Ajax (through the city of Ajax Recreation Dept). So, lot's a happenin' on those fronts...we hope to have all the details buttoned down by early January.
  4. Corporate/Company Running Clinics: We've worked long and hard over the past few years, honing our craft, and developing our programs and personnel, to the point that we are now the premiere "private" running clinic provider in the GTA. Maybe you are part of (or know of) a company, club or organization that is interested (or might be) in having the best running clinic package brought right to its front door. You just can't beat what professional running clinic will do — higher productivity and morale, lower health care costs, claims and absenteeism, and fewer accidents and/or errors. All provided on-site, built into your schedule, at a very low cost. Call or pass on our name and number about putting Marathon Dynamics to work for you!