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Marathon Dynamics News!

There are a ton of exciting developments "afoot" here at Marathon Dynamics for 2008, all of which will be up on our website by December 1st, so check in early next month for the details. For now, here's a "sneak peek" rapid-fire list of what's happening.

New Season Coaching Group Start-Ups (weeknights, 6:30-8pm unless otherwise indicated):

  1. York University: Tuesdays Dec 4th
  2. High Park: Wednesdays - Dec 5th
  3. Sunnybrook/Leaside: Thursdays - Dec 13th
  4. Oakville: Thursdays - Dec 6th
  5. Downtown: Mondays - Jan 7th
  6. New Beaches Morning Group (6AM!): Wednesdays Jan 9th
  7. New Mississauga Morning Group (6AM): Thursdays Jan 10th (proposed)

Please note:

All groups will have a maximum of 25-30 registrants to ensure excellent coaching/staffing support for each runner (and a minimum of 12 registrants to ensure group motivation and training partner support), so register early (even if you aren't starting right away) to save yourself a spot, since we expect 3 or 4 of these groups to be filled up/sold out by January 1st!

We're scrambling to have online registration ready for early December, but in the meantime, drop us a quick email to confirm your intention to join (i.e. which group and what date you'll start)

Race Pace Runs: in recognition of the changing trends (general and local) of distance running, we're adapting our popular Race Pace Run offerings as follows:

Fun new group workout formats to spice up the routine of your hardest, highest-yield intensity runs

Completely updated info on the locations (directions, maps, etc.) will be on the website shortly

Repeat MDI Coaching clients receive a 37% discount on their new season's CTP (only $50) & Repeat MDI Training Plan clients receive a 24% discount on their new season's CTP (only $60), if you register for 10+ weeks of Personal Group or E-Coaching

Please note: Price of Bronze Level Coaching is up $1 per week ($16/wk)

Online Discussion Groups are "up & running"

With a "general/public" forum for all runners to visit, read and post questions and comments, as well as more "private" discussion groups intended only for those runners currently being trained/coached by MDI, our hope is that over time, this will become a communications hub for runners in the GTA and well beyond, and a terrific resource for runners to receive timely and useful info and feedback to the questions they want answers to.

To kick start things in the general forum — we want to know "Has today's rapidly evolving technology helped or hindered your ability to enjoy running? Are online discussion groups & blogs, distance measurement tools (GPS, Footpod, Mapart, Map My Run website), music toys like Ipods, MP3s, and minidisks, and smaller, lighter cell phones & blackberries, a boon to or a bane on your running? Do tell!

Or, start a new thread — what's on your running mind...locally, nationally, globally? What do you want to know about? Have a beef or want to vent? OK...but keep it clean, fair and respectful of all who may be using the forum.

Go to to get started. To establish your profile, either "quick register" by completing only the account details section, and skip to the bottom to "create my account", or if you are currently or are planning on being a Marathon Dynamics client this season, go ahead and complete the "personal" and "current running" details sections too (this way you'll never have to fill out "fresh" CTP interviews ever again!). If you got an e-mail telling you that this newsletter was out, the registration code is in that e-mail. Otherwise, drop us a line at to ask for the code so you can register.

Note: those that register for either E-Coaching or one of our Personal Coaching groups will have access to additional discussion groups and website based tools, starting January 1st, 2008.

Online Training Log coming soon!

We're hard at work on a brand new online training log system that will allow you to input your workouts & track your progress in your own personal training log on our website (at any level of coaching), as well as enable your coach to view your training at a glance, and perform summary analysis on an ongoing basis (at Silver, Gold, E-Coaching or E-Coaching Plus levels). We hope to have the system fully operational by Christmas Day — our gift to you...and us!


A super new system we're introducing for '08 which will provide those of you looking for a more interactive, personal, intensive coaching relationship, with the opportunity to choose from among our top notch roster of coaches, the one that best suits your personal, professional and physical running profile. As such, the prices of our Silver, Gold and E-Coaching services are increasing by $7.50 to $15 per week...but we're certain those that opt to try it will consider it worth every penny!

New Balance Toronto (NBTO) Partnership

One of the most exciting developments for '08 is Marathon Dynamics' is our relationship with the New Balance Toronto Stores. What will it mean for you, as a Marathon Dynamics client?

Well, with ANY level of coaching (min 10 weeks) you will receive:

  1. A Preferred Customer 10% Discount on all your NBTO shopping this coming year
  2. A New Balance Marathon Dynamics technical running T-shirt
  3. A "Home Base" store for each of our various coaching groups...some of which we will meet at every week (i.e. Downtown TO, High Park) and others we will gather for special events (seminars, guest speakers, shopping nights)

Please visit for more info on what NBTO is all about.

Mississauga Marathon Partnership

We've made a commitment to the Mississauga Marathon to promote it as our spring "focus" event, and are offering a $10 off discount on Customized Training Plans to any new Marathon Dynamics clients, and/or past clients who are not currently coached by MDI (since our coaching clients already receive much greater CTP discounts) who register for the Mississauga Marathon or Half Marathon. Just include your online registration confirmation number with your CTP Interview (in message if emailing, at top of interview if faxing), and you're all set! Please visit the Mississauga Marathon website for more info:

(Free) Nike Waffle Breakfast Social Run at the Nike Runners Lounge (Yonge & Summerhill)

Join us on Sunday, December 16th at 9am for a complimentary waffle breakfast, following a run of from 5K to 30K (your choice) on great routes with dozens of other runners. Try out Nike running shoes, apparel and the Ipod Nano system...on the run, not just in the store! Email your RSVP by Dec 1st. Check out for more Nike Lounge info.

Juice Plus: Better Health + More Energy = Increased Performance!

The first blast of cold winter weather always seems to kick start the first round of winter colds and flues. As an runner, you undertake regular intense workouts, after which your immune system's ability to protect you against viruses and other bugs is compromised in the early post-workout recovery stage, so you should be doing everything you can to keep your system strong.

If you missed Coach Kev's story on his experience with the Juice Plus product in last summer's E-newsletter, here's the link.

Over the past 6 months, many Marathon Dynamics runners have given Juice Plus a try, and are experiencing great results. Please visit the Marathon Dynamics Juice Plus website at for more info on the product and/or to order your first 3 months of product, and/or give me a call or drop me a line with any questions you might have.

Holiday Shopping Specials!

New MDI Training Plan clients: complete and return your CTP interview (found on our website) by December 15th and we'll give you a $10 discount...a savings of 13%! (not valid with other special offers).

Current MDI clients: since you already receive a great CTP discount, why not give the gift of running excellence to another deserving runner who hasn't yet tried an MDI plan? We'll honour the above offer, so you can give a full season MDI CTP ($79 value, for only $69) to your favourite run buddy!

* Gift certificates of any denomination are available. Specials not valid in conjunction with other offers.