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Marathon Dynamics Winning Edge Improvement Guarantee:


 In competitivwinning edgee contexts the world over, the concept of the "winning edge" abounds.  It's the idea that in order to reap a great deal more joy, success and satisfaction from an endeavour, in order to "win", you don't have to try a great deal harder, work a great deal longer, or be a great deal smarter, than the rest.  You just have to be a tiny bit better "on the margin". 

 Well, it turns out that this difference--between those who experience great success and the "next best" who strive and struggle to catch them and don't experience half the "spoils of victory"--is about 3%.

Well, after honing our craft of designing training plans and coaching runners now for almost 20 years, we're SO confident in our system, philosophy, staff and spirit, and what we can do to help you improve your running, that we're offering what we call our "Winning Edge Guarantee".

We're essentially providing a "half back" guarantee on coaching fees: if you'll commit to training with us this season (training plan and coaching, at least 4 months), we WILL help you improve your personal best half or full marathon time by (at least) 3%. If that doesn't happen (subject to a few conditions and restrictions - click here for full details), we'll credit 50% of paid coaching fees upon request toward next season (if you believe we’re on the right track and can make it happen with fine tuning), or refund same amount if not.

3% improvement doesn't sound like much? For 4hr marathoners, that's over 7 minutes! For 1:45 half marathoners, that's well over 3 minutes! Click here for a table which shows race time improvements based on your current PBs.  At the bottom, you can even enter your exact current PB and it will calculate your guaranteed improvement.!

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