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Spring Into Summer 2017

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Stand out MDI runners Daniel Sellers (L) and Mark Clingen (R) display a playful, joyous spirit midway through the Goodlife Marathon, on their way to HUGE new PB's of 2:57 and 2:59 respectively!  Go Go Dynamo!

What a Dynamic Journey!

New LogoTo say this season has been a whirlwind, doesn't do justice to the fever pitch you guys have maintained throughout. Not even close.

Even before we get to the exploits of the last few Dynamo runners to race, at the Ottawa Marathon Weekend or the Toronto Womens Half (we're still collecting post race reports and pics, so don't have that ready yet, sorry!), there were well over 200 incredible performances from this season's crew during the past three months alone!

Before we invite new runners to join us, and current Dynamos to return, starting THIS week, June 5th onward, we thought we'd try to provide a little recap of this remarkable season. 

Even if you've read every e-bulletin this season and are on our FB group, this will provide a fond look back on our collective efforts.  And if you haven't been keeping up on the news, or are not on our FB page (remind me why not, again?  Click here to join!), or ESPECIALLY if you're new to Marathon Dynamics - settle in and get to know us!

10 Highlights of Winter/Spring '17

(in reverse chronological order. Click on pics for hi res)

1) May 24/25 - End of Season Pub Nights

On back-to-back nights last week, we gathered together with at least 75 of you at parties in Toronto (The Madison Avenue Pub) and Oakville (Harpers Landing) to properly celebrate the unforgettable experiences of this past season - the training, the racing, the achievements, the struggles, the defining moments, the laughs, and the tears - all over a few beers!

Thanks to all who joined us. The rest of you...don't miss the next one!

Mad Party

Some of our Toronto crew stayed late for a group selfie as the evening wrapped up.

2) May 15 - Boston Doc Movie Night

ABoston Doclmost two dozen MDI runners gathered in Toronto for a select screening of "Boston: The Documentary," the first full length feature film on the entire history of this fabled, revered event. We ALL agreed it was an excellent film, and that it had stoked the fires to run it for the first time for those of us who hadn't yet been, and for those of us who had, to get back there soon!

In fact, there's now talk of Marathon Dynamics setting "Big Boston" team trip years every 3 years so we can focus on qualifying for and running it together to share that indescribably special Boston experience as a team. Tentatively, the next few "Big Boston" years for Team Dynamo will be 2019, 2022 and 2025.  Stay tuned!

  Boston Doc Pic

3) May 14 - Sporting Life 10K
With 40+ MDI runners out in force (two dozen volunteering at our now annual 4km water station team, and almost twenty of you in the race), we knew it was going to be a Purple Passion Day, even before the great race weather jumped on board.
Thanks first and foremost to the crew who so selflessly gave their time and lent their spirit to come out and support Toronto's biggest running event.  You're the BEST!
SL10K Water Crew
 Water Crew Purple Pirate

As for those running?  Well, I don't think we've EVER had this great a day at SL10K! Here's a quick "TOP 15 Perfomances" alphabetically (hope I didn't miss anyone ;o)

LAURAL ADAMS - 56min - All time PB?
HELEN BAGSHAW - 47min - 17th AC, best in 5yrs

ANU BENTLEY - 46min - 17th AC, All time PB
MIKE BURNS - 50min - All time PB
HAYLEY CHIARAMONTE - 42min - All time PB
LISA DEMARCO - 55min - not PB, but sweet to be back at it!
TANYA GRANT - 46min -16th AC, All time PB
BRITT HERN - 39min - 8th AC, All time PB
NANCY KIM - 47min - All time PB
RYAN KLEIN - 41min - All time PB
CHRIS MAR - 42min - All time PB
VAL MCLEOD - 50min - 3rd AC, All time PB?
DAVE POGGI - 37min - nearly PB, 11th AC
TIFFANY SIMMS - 41min - 12th AC, All time PB
TANJA TAYLOR - 46min - All time PB
SL10 Finish
 (Above - MDI newbie Tanja Taylor, speedy Dynamo Tiffany Simms and hubby Mike Poisson are pretty pumped post race!  Below - Laural Adams, in a trancelike state as she girds herself for the sprint to the finish)
 Laural SL 10K 

4) May 7 - Double Header Race Weekend:

Goodlife, Mississauga & More!


It was one of those rare "beyond words" race weekends, where good weather, great courses, and busloads of very keen, savvy, enthusiastic and downright amazing Marathon Dynamics runners took to the roads...and CRUSHED IT!

Your Dynamo Coaches are thrilled with your impressive accomplishments, and have been enthralled all week catching up on the stories that make the experiences so memorable.

For a comprehensive list of the "TOP 50 Dynamo Performances" from this weekend (alphabetically), and countless great race photos (thanks largely to Dynamo Alum Michael Lin), please click here!

Soroush Hatami

George Nik

(above left) Soroush Hatami blazes to another all time PB of 1:22 at GL Half (4th in age cat).  (above right) George Gleeson (left) and Nik Paukkunen (right) crush their respective all time marathon PBs at Goodlife, running 3:05 (George, by 11 min) and 3:15 by Nik (23 min). (below top) Janice and Eric Morris look relaxed and ready at the start of the GL Half - indeed they were, as both ran all time PBs of 1:36 (Janice) and 1:33 (Eric). (below bottom) Tiffany Simms is shocked and excited to have crushed her best ever Half Marathon at Mississauga, running 1:30 flat for 5th in her AC and 11th overall.

Janice Eric Tiffany Simms

5) May 2 - Brand New Team Wheels!

With Marathon Dynamics planning even more team events, and looking for ways to improve our impact on the local scene (races, expos, workouts, etc.), it was time for us to up our game in the automotive department, and get new "Purple People Mover". After much deliberation and's what we came up with.  What do you think? 

Purple Power SUV

Talk about a "chick magnet"! Less than 24hrs old and it already had beautiful babes strewn all over it!

6) April 30 - Skechers Performance Try Out #2

SkechersThe second of two "Try & Buy" sessions with our newest sponsor Skechers Performance Running Shoes, was a rousing success (as was the first one back in February at Monarch Park), despite nasty weather conditions complicating our meet up in High Park.

Skechers Try Skechers 2

Skechers Try onSkechers Everyone

This has been such a wonderful, mutually beneficial relationship thus far!  I myself (Coach Kev) can't stop raving about how great my transition into the entire range of Skechers Performance line has been going, and now there are already at least two dozen MDI Dynamos running in these "slipper like", smooth-riding wonder-shoes - with glowing reviews!  Here's just one from Dynamo Anu Bentley (hours after running her all time 10K PB in them - by 5 minutes!  ;o)

"I had to tell you. I wore my Skechers Go Run today and I was blown away by how great they were...super light and responsive. So comfy in the toe box too. They're my new favourite running shoe".

Stay tuned for an announcement on when the next Dynamo Skechers meet up will happen, as it's still pretty tricky to try out this brand new line to the Canadian market.  There are a selection of retailers on the outskirts of Toronto that do carry them if you can't wait to go give them a try - click here for more info.  And if you are now already running in Skechers and looking to reload, the Skechers online store is up and running. Click here for more info.

 Skechers online

7) Apr 16-18 - Boston Marathon Weekend!

Boston StartQuite often, and increasingly as the years go by (due perhaps in large part to rising temperatures due to global warming?), the Boston Marathon becomes less a test of a runner's ability to reach a preconceived performance target, and more of a test of will, of mettle, and of survival, due to oppressive conditions, layered upon what is already one of, if not the, most technical marathon courses in the world.

This, unfortunately, was one of those years.  However, when that happens, it presents an opportunity to experience the mecca marathon of North American distance running, in a richer, fuller, more complete manner, and very often leaves one with compelling stories, lasting memories and a changed perspective on your relationship with Boston, with those who shared it with you, and even with your own running itself.

Since it was clear even before the gun went off this year that "time goals were off", we hoped that Dynamo runners would embrace this opportunity.  By all accounts, we're happy to report, they did.  So while this year's Boston did not leave us with a long list of great times, PBs, and Boston requalifies, it left those who ran it with much more.

Congratulations Dynamo Boston Marathoners of 2017 - we're so proud of you!

Sandro C Kirstin D

 Bill AnuVictors return 

8) Apr 8/9 - Spring Run Off & Much More

An uncharacteristically great weather race day for the Spring Run Off 8K/5K (Toronto's longest running road race, btw!), helped some Dynamo runners shake off the winter rust and lay down some seriously great efforts: 

Spring Run Off 8K (High Park)Coack Kev SRO 5K

Dave Poggi 30:32 (9th in AC)
Tiffany Simms 34:12 (4th in AC, all time PB)
Rod Lowe 35:46 (7th in AC, all time PB)
Tanja Taylor 39:40 (all time PB)
Nancy Kim 40:43 ( 10th in AC, all time PB)
Mare Giacalone 45:08 (11th in AC)
Angelique Plata 52:27 (all time PB)

Spring Run Off 5K (High Park)

Jenn Trowell 25:00 (2nd in AC) 
Coach Kev Smith 17:17 (1st in AC, 5th overall, pictured at right)
MEC 15K (Toronto)

Eric Morris - 1:05 (all time PB)
Janice Morris - 1:07 (all time PB)
Peter Block - 1:10 (fast master!)
Jenn Pitts - 1:13 (all time PB)
Richard St. John - 1:17 (gotta be top in 70+!)
Barbara Milligan - 1:23 (all time PB)
Sherlita DiBratto - 1:25 (all time PB)
Claudette Germain - 1:26:50 (but just "racepacing" 6K at 10K pace!)
Karen Jodoin - 1:44 (all time PB)

Angus Glen 10 Miler (Aurora)

Daniel Sellers - 1:01 (2nd overall!)
Christine Moffit - 1:24 (5th in AC)
Ghazaleh Afshari - 1:29 (great 1/2 mara racepace w/o)

9) Mar 26 - Around The Bay 30K 


It was a cool and very gusty day for the crew to tackle the oldest race in North America. Despite the conditions, and the fact that it was now the hardest course in the 123 years it's been run, Team Dynamo took North America's oldest road race by storm!


 Alison Jacquie

Congratulations to EVERYONE who gave such gutsy efforts against this formidable foo! It sure wasn't easy, was it? To see who was among the "Top 30 Dynamo Runners at ATB 30K 2017" and some great pics captured on the day, please click here

10) Mar 5 - Chilly Half Marathon

Chilly HalfA truly GREAT day at the Chilly Half Marathon--in fact, it may well qualify as Marathon Dynamics BEST EVER showing! The quality of the performances of our crew laid down was absolutely and insanely great.

Your Dynamo coaches are absolutely amazed, and filled with joy and admiration for the efforts you put forth. We are SO proud of you, and SO grateful, each and every day, for the opportunity to work, run and play with runners like you! For a quick rundown of about 30 of the "best of the best" performances (note: we usually restrict the Chilly report to the "Top 21", but there were just too many to try and cut it down ;o), please click here!

the guys

Phew!  That was just the last 3 months...

Can you imagine the next 4-5?

 We can - Join Us Now!


Knowledge * Skills * Support * Service * Spirit

1) Super Tuesday Seminars are BACK!

DynaMondaysBuilding on the success of the previous "Dyna-Mo-nday" and "Super Tuesday" series last year, we're working with our sports/med & strength/conditioning sponsor experts to provide these invaluable presentations.

4 in Toronto (2 at Runner's Academy and 2 at Totum Performance) and 2 in Oakville

These are FREE to all current MDI runners, though you must sign up beforeheand to reserve your spot.

 Marathon Dynamics has teamed up with returning sponsors Totum Life Sciences, Running Academy and Physical Ege Physio (Oakv) to offer a series of 6 FREE presentations, emphasizing practical running knowledge and skills for Marathon Dynamics runners. Experts from the staff of Totum, Runner's Academy, Physical Edge & Marathon Dynamics will lead active, jam-packed seminars on everything you’ll need to elevate your running game!

The agenda and topics are still being finalized (watch for details coming soon), but here are the tentative dates, times and places. Check your skeds & BOOK now! 

#1 - Tuesday, June 27, 6:30pm @ Totum Performance

#2 - Tuesday, July 4, 7pm @ Physical Edge

#3 - Tuesday, July 25, 7pm @ Runner's Academy

#4 - Tuesday, Aug 15, 6:30pm @ Totum Performance

#5 - Tuesday, Sept 26, 7pm @ Physical Edge

#6 - Tuesday, Oct. 24, 7pm @ Runner's Academy

2) Racepace Run Series is SET!

TheRacepacese indispensible mid-season checkpoint and rehearsal workouts are CRITICAL to your race day success at season's end, so make sure you attend as many as possible (and/or substitute mid-season races for any you miss!).

Once a month, in both uptown/east Toronto & downtown/west Toronto locations...they're on!

These are FREE for any/all Marathon Dynamics runners, and attendance is considered somewhere between strongly encouraged and mandatory ;o)

Here's the schedule (7:30-7:40 arrival, warm up, 8am sharp start!):

#1 - Sunday, July 9 @ High Park

#2 - Sunday, Aug 20 @ Edwards Gardens

#3 - Sunday, Sept 17 @ High Park

#4 - Sunday, Oct 8 @ Edwards Gardens

3) “Get Out of Injury Free” Pass!

Get Out HurtIf you’re registering with Marathon Dynamics this season, you get a “Get Out of Injury Free” Pass to use with either Totum Life Science (exclusive in Toronto) or Physical Edge (exclusive in Oakville) at FIRST sign of an injury problem throughout the entire season.  Use it – Run Happy!

Please contact Coach Kev - click here - to requisition yours if/when you need it! 

* Please note: especially for you West TO, Etobicoke and Mississauga, you can visit ANY one of the 4 Totum GTA locations, including the King/Spadina one, for a "Get Out of Injury Free" treatment/assessment.

 4) Team Dynamo Spirit Calendar

SL 10K

Based on agreat many successful team gatherings this past year, we'd love to see even more free-spirited fun at THIS season's Dynamo Spirit Calendar events.

It’s all about getting there (road-trippin’), warming up, racing with and cheering each other on—and most importantly, gathering post-race for celebration, good cheer and race stories!  If you weren’t already planning on doing at least a few of the events below, please consider joining us.  If you already had a couple on your list…why not add a couple more?  

Toronto Ekiden Relay – Thursday, June 15th

     * We need runners for 3 teams (of 6 each) - mens, womens, mixed. Interested? 

Toronto Waterfront 10K – Sunday, June 17th

     * Let's make an impact at this one gang - Purple Power!

Hillacious Journey Dynamo Run – Sunday, July 30th (High Park)

     * Once a season you should ask yourself "how many hills can I climb today?" 

Midsummer Pub Night Week (Toronto & Oakville)

Week of August 14-18 (Specs TBA)

     * Please, PLEASE come to at least one of these mid-summer team socials!

Oakville Half Marathon – Sunday, Sept 24th

     * Want to race it? Awesome! But we also need volunteers at the expo too!

Waterfront Marathon – Sunday, October 22nd

     * The "big deal" race of TO, sure...but we also need help at our brand new Dynamo Expo Booth!

Hamilton Marathon - Sunday, November 5th 

     * The final local, big race of the season - and we'd love some help at the Expo too!

Post Season Party of the Year – Friday, Nov. 17th

     * Still confirming our Special Guest (tough act to follow Sasha Gollish and Krista Duchene the last couple years!)..tons of fun, excitement, prizes and surprises to come.  DON'T MISS IT!

Show Your Purple Power...Feel Your Purple Pride!

  TO 10 Miler
5) Free High Park Sunday Runs @ Grenadier

High Park Dynamo 8am common start time (7:55 arrival), at Grenadier Restaurant, High Park.

June - October,  2017.

Click here if you’d like to join if you haven’t been out yet.


Bouncing Back From a Bad Race

Finding reason(s) why a race went wrong can help you learn from the experience and avoid making the same mistakes in the future

By MDI Coach Dan Way


We’ve all been there before. What was supposed to be a great day, including perhaps setting a new personal or age category best, ended up what seemed to an all-time worst race.

Bad races happen to all us. Remember that in running, training and racing, weeks and months of consistency matter much more than one bad day. Don’t completely ignore a bad race, but don’t dwell on it either. Here are some tips and suggestions for how to deal, cope and overcome a bad run or race.

Ignore external factors

The very first thing you should do when a race goes poorly is to ask yourself why it happened. In many cases, there may be one or more external factors (factors that are out of your control) that may be to blame for a sub-par performance. Not to say you should make excuses for yourself or your result, but if your race was affected by adverse weather or conditions, an unforeseen personal issue or poor organization, you need to ignore the result and move on.

Heat, humidity, extreme cold, or driving winds and rain are examples of things that can all cause a good race to go bad. If race day turned out to be a dud, don’t beat yourself up about it. Likewise, if the course was covered in snow or slick from rain or ice, that’s just bad luck. If something unexpected happened in the days or week before the race and your running routine was interrupted as a result, excuse the bad run as a one-off.

Other reasons for a race gone wrong could be related to poor organization. Perhaps you were led off course, ran too far or not far enough, or weren’t given the necessary aid or supports. If this was the case,  and the reason for a bad result, try your best to shrug it off.

Learn from your mistakes

In the absence of external factors, do accept responsibility for a poorly executed race. Perhaps you went out too fast (the number one mistake by beginners and veterans alike), didn’t fuel and hydrate properly (hot and humid races especially require you to take in fluids) or maybe you wore the wrong shoes and apparel. In these cases, it’s important that you admit to and learn from your mistakes. Racing well is about gaining experience, refining practices and doing things better the next time, and there will always be a next time. Be honest with yourself about how the race went, where it went wrong and what you could do better. Avoid making the same mistake twice.

Assess or reassess your training

In some cases, your expectations may not align with your preparation. Perhaps you ran a bad race because your goal was overly ambitious or your pacing plan was flawed. Having realistic expectations is essential for racing success and it’s important to reflect back on your training to determine what those goals should be.

If you look back at your training and are honest about it, you should get a clear sense of where you’re currently at in terms of fitness and what you can accomplish. Consider how much you’re running, your total mileage, the type and frequency of your workouts and the number of your long runs you’ve done. Did you run more or less than you intended? Did you follow a plan or make things up as you went along? Once again, it’s important to be honest with yourself about your training and your level of preparation for any particular race.

Recommit to your goals

In all cases, you need to put your bad race behind you. Hopefully you will have learned something from the experience that you’re able to use to help you do better the next time. Now’s the time to think about your goals, assess whether they’re realistic, make changes or modifications if need be and forge a plan to move forward. Good luck!

Dan W

Dan Way 

An experienced long distance runner, running coach and writer for Canadian Running magazine.

* 9 marathons to his credit (2:34 Personal Best), 7 Around The Bay 30Ks (1:45 PB), and more than a dozen half marathons (PB 1:12)

* Like many people, Dan started running to lose weight and take greater control of his body, his health and his overall well-being. Now, Dan runs primarily for self-improvement, competition, and camaraderie.

* Editor for Canadian Race Guide of Canadian Running magazine

* When he's not running, training or racing, Dan can be found playing in the park with his four-legged friend Charlie; trading sheep for brick in a game of 'Catan' or drinking his favourite Ontario craft beers.


By Coach Kevin Smith

GarminLong time Dynamo runners may remember a newsletter article I penned a long while back, titled "Do You Have Acute Garminitis?" whereupon I raged against the GPS tech toys taking over the running scene.  If you hadn't yet seen it (or don't remember it), it's STILL a very pertinent and poignant read even now - click here.  The article concluded with  the line "just don't count on catching coach Kev with one strapped to his wrist any time soon."

Well, it took almost six years, but alas, I've got to eat those words. There now is--and has been for the past 4 months--a Garmin 230 Forerunner strapped to my wrist day and night.

It's not that I've experienced any major shift in belief about the risks and pitfalls of using GPS watches - I haven't.  The reason I abandoned my trusty Timex stopwatch of the past 35 years, was initially because by the end of 2016, at least 85% of all the runners we coach were using them, and I felt mounting "professional pressure" to experience and learn the finer points of Garmins to help our runners use them productively in the future. The kicker though for me was when, by this past Christmas, I realized that all the the "old school" guys that I've run with for almost 20 years now, one by one, had succumbed to the siren song of Garmins, and I was the very last one among us without one.

So I've now used a Garmin for about 4 months. And though I haven't flip-flopped to any great degree on my earlier stance, I have been pleasantly surprised by a number of unexpected upsides to the use of Garmin/GPS watches.  I would like to share these with you, along with a few caveats to be weary of if you plan to use GPS watches when running in the future.

Up Arrow

Advantages & Upsides:

A Wealth of Running Biomechanical Info at Your Fingertips

Through Garmin Connect, the web based portal for downloading, storing and analyzing all the data collected by your Garmin, there is an easily-accessible treasure trove of very useful information about your running form.

1) Establishing the "shape" of any run at a glance: By reviewing the splits of any run, you can quickly, easily and accurately determine if you ran an ideal slight negative split, or an even split, or slowed down late resulting in a positive split, and by how much. Its VERY useful info to compare the split profile with how you felt throughout the run, to help fine tune your ability to accomplish consistent slight negative splits. And all this done without the time-consuming exercise of copying out splits from a watch manually (or not even having that information available)

 Upload 230

2) Cadence/Stride Rate: I was SHOCKED to learn how low/slow my average stride rate is on easy, relaxed runs (approx 165), and even faster on steady state, OMP-type runs (170-172).  Only when doing very fast tempo or intervals did my cadence rise up into the vaunted 180 strides per min range.  I had overhauled my running form many years ago, and believed, because I often did "manual" checks mid-run, that my cadence at just about any pace was up "close to" the 180 spm level. But the reason for that misinformation was that when I did cadence checks, I obviously subconsciously increased my stride rate above what was natural, simply because I was recording/observing it. Only when measured independently with the Garmin over the entirety of multiple runs at many different paces, did I find out the true stride rate.

I followed up with a biomechanics expert (Dr. Kris Sheppard at Runner's Academy) on a hunch that this slow cadence may have something to do with 2 recent injuries I've experienced this past year (lower leg and upper foot), and through video gait analysis we determined that I was indeed overstriding (1st point of foot contact well in front of my centre of gravity, increasing shock to and through the body, and reducing running efficiency (through the braking action).  Now we are working on ways to slightly alter my running form to improve my mechanics, and hopefully reduce injuries and improve efficiency in the future.


3) Convenience and accuracy of training log updates - For those of you who still keep a "manual" training log (like me...does anyone else still do this?), or a computer or online training log that doesn't automatically update from your watch, the Garmin Connect storage of many weeks training is a big advantage.  I used to be able to remember what training I did for up to 1-2 weeks back if I neglected to update my log for a spell.  But these days, with my fading memory, I sometimes can't remember the specs of a workout I did just 2-3 days ago. Garmin Connect to the rescue - I can find ALL the data I need on runs and other cross-training workouts very quickly and easily.

4) Establishing "continuity quality" of runs - I stumbled upon this one a few years ago, well before I owned my own Garmin, when runners I coach would send me the link to their Garmin Connect to review specific workouts.  In a number of cases, I noticed a BIG difference (in some cases, 15min or more) between the "moving time" and the "elapsed time", so innocently inquired "why is there such a big difference?  The answer floored me - "oh, I was running with a group of others, and we all took breaks at different times...we ran into a friend going the other way so we stopped and chatted for a bit...etc, etc.

15 minutes of break in a 2hr45min run?  Whoa!  This is the quickest way to devalue the long run quality and reduce benefit to long racing ability.  By taking frequent and prolonged breaks (I mean stop/standing breaks, not pre-planned recovery walk breaks worked into and included in the run pace/time), you severly alter the perception of how hard it is to hold any given pace.  The result is that on race day, when you go EXTRA far, at a fairly quick pace, and take away all those breaks, it gets progressively harder than you're prepared for, and you'll likely have to slow down--a lot--to finish your race.

I'm not averse to runners taking short breaks while doing training runs...far from it.  In fact, MOST of my Long Runs and OMP runs (and even the odd tempo run) include 1 or 2 breaks for a quick stretch (or an impromptu washroom stop), but they are always short and with a sense of urgency to get started again.

A great guideline to use to manage your breaks on runs is to try to take no more than 1 minute per hour of distance run.  So for runs of up to 60 min - 1 min break time.  Up to 2hrs run - 2 minutes, etc, etc.

If you keep the breaks short and infrequent, they allow you to take care of business (stretching, water stop, washroom break) without devaluing your key run workouts.  

And you can always compare your moving time vs elapsed time on your Garmin connect to check yourself!

5) Other Fitness Metrics - my Garmin tracks/monitors other important activity info all day and night, which has become very helpful to asses in relation to my run training.  The "Step Counter" is perfect to monitor my commitment to MDI's Running Health Insurance practice (I target 20,000 steps per day, though usually average 16-18K).  And the sleep measurement metric is extremely useful for someone like me who has notoriously erratic and poor sleep patterns (showing me when I get the required 7-8hrs shut eye, and most importantly, when I DON'T.  Note: there can be accuracy issues with this function as the Garmin can be easily fooled if when movie watching or reading (either that or I must nod off a heck of a lot while doing both)

more metrics

6) Fancier models (like the Garmin 735XT) - provide HR info, ground-contact time comparisons (left vs right, to assess stride symmetry), convenient features like "Back To Start" (travelling or new routes so don't have to worry about getting lost or how to retread your route), vertical oscillation measurement (essentially measuring "bounce" which is an indicator of inefficiency in running form) and more.  All very useful and or convenient tools for techy runners looking for an edge in their running performance! 



#1) Is STILL Acute Garminitis!  Can't stress this enough...Don't be a running robot!  No matter how many features GPS watches introduce, the costs can always outweigh the benefits, unless you heed the following 5 warnings - click here.

  2) Recording Inaccuracy in/around tall buildings and/or tree/forest cover. Though the accuracy of signal/measurement of Garmin devices has GREATLY improved over time, there is still very much an accuracy issue when running between very tall buildings, or under full, or even partial, tree canopy cover.  I have observed consistent, immediate and MARKED errors in pacing feedback in these situations - my garmin "instantaneous pace" display often bumps by 45-60 sec/mile slower as soon as I hit forest cover, then jumps back that same margin faster as soon as I'm back in clear/open air, even though I maintain a steady, even pace throughout.  All the more reason not to let instant pace or split times displayed DURING your run (when near buildings or forest) influence your pace or intensity during your runs.

It's especially important when doing faster/harder intensity running over shorter distances (ie. intervals, repetitions), under these circumstances, to use pre-measured markers (ie. a track), for accuracy and consistency.


3) Race Day No-No - After every large race we send runners to, the next day, without fail, there are always at least a few "Garmin Fail" stories from runners bemoaning how their GPS watches let them down, one way or another.  Be it "conking out" before or during (since Garmins need to be charged frequently), or more commonly "not agreeing with" the markers or finish line distance - i.e. "my garmin says I ran 42.8K not 42.2K, so I really DID run a BQ"...won't get you an invite to Boston, sorry!), or messing up mid-race pacing feedback (as per point #2 above), there are a number of ways Garmins can get you into trouble on race day.  Not the least of which is taking your focus away from FEEL, and putting too much weight on FIGURES (even when they ARE accurate, but especially when they aren't!)

As long as you make sure your Garmin is well-charged the night before the race, then you can certainly use it (cause the stopwatch feature is always working!) as a backup for mid-race feedback/info, and more importantly for post-race analysis, while your primary focus should be your game plan/paceband, the race markers, and above all else your sense of feel, along the way. 

All this to say that in this brave new running world we live in, even a technological troglodyte like me, set in his old school ways, has begrudgingly become a devotee of CONSTRUCTIVE use of Garmins to assist with runner training and development. Whodathunk?! 

Coach Kev

- 2011 Ontario Masters Marathon Champion

- 2012 Canadian Masters 1/2 Mara Bronze

- 2013 Ontario Masters 1/2 Mara Champion

- 2014 Ontario Masters 15K Champion

- 2014 Ontario Masters 1500m Champion

- 2015 Ontario Masters 1/2 Mara Champion

- 2015 Ontario Masters 30K Champion

- 2015 Canada Running Series - 2nd Overall Master

- 2016 Scotia Montreal Half Marathon - 1st Master

- 2016 Sporting Life 10K - 1st Master

- 2016 Canada Running Series Masters Champion

Kevin Smith is a full-time coach with Marathon Dynamics and a sometime elite masters distance runner, water running enthusiast, (hyper) active elliptical trainer-er, life cycle-ist, inline speedskater, hockey player, power walker, hiker, reluctant rock-climber, and skinny gym-monkey when not enjoying family time with his wife Sherri and son Sebastian

Where's Warriner? 5 AWESOME Runs

By MDI Coach Lawrence Warriner

Note: Coach Lawrence is on the homestretch of an epic 9 month running adventure tour round the world.  He's been gone since late November, and returns August 19th, so we asked him to check in with us on his Top 5 Running Experiences thus far.  Here's what he came up with.  Enjoy!

So imagine you are running up a trail in Big Bend National Park. A spectacular park on the Rio Grande River that even has a rowboat that will convey you over to Mexico for day trips. Cacti everywhere, steep elevation gains, a nice dry heat of 30 C and you surprise a black bear and cub.

Big Bend

Then imagine you are in Yosemite National Park and today’s run is a 2700 ft elevation gain up (and then equal descent) to Yosemite Falls. The trail is mostly switchbacks over stones, creeks and at the top snow. Imagine the views of the Valley, Half Dome et al.


You dream that on another day you are off through San Francisco through the historic Presido National Historic Landmark. You start at the Fort, which after first being a Spanish military out post then a Mexican outpost was finally a US military fort for 148 years before becoming one of the great urban parks in North America. Great views of the Pacific Ocean, Alcatraz and San Francisco Bay surround you and then you run up and across the Golden Gate Bridge. The vistas are spectacular and it is sunny but of course being SF also windy.

San Fran

Now picture yourself out in the remote dunes of White Sands National Monument. Pure white dunes fan out in every direction. The trail marked by small posts every mile. You set your own trail, up this dune or down this valley, thinking I can still see the last marker but where is the next?  You plow through 8K of  sand, short strides up and down phenomenal dunes that are monsters for building leg strength.

White Sands

Lastly, if you are fantasizing why not a beautiful run through Channel Islands National Park, an archipelago of 8 islands off the California coast. A day of kayaking /exploring sea caves and paddling with seals that is topped off by a 14km run to the summit of the remote island of Santa Cruz. While you are gone beware Island Foxes may be pillaging your stores.

Channel Islands

 Channel Islands 2

So these are five of my favourite runs on the US part of our year off. I could easily include another ten or twenty including remote playas which extend forever in Baja, some favourite NYC runs including Central Park and many, many more which I have had the good fortune of being able to do while on this year off. So many of my runs were trail runs including one crazy scramble through Echo Canyon on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix which has to be seen to be believed.

Toronto True running will be back in Mid-August, because that will be when I am back, with a fall trail group. This fall there will be only one group limited to 8 people instead of the usual 2 or 3 groups. It will fill fast and somehow already is ½ full.

Lawrence W

Lawrence Warriner 

- owner/head coach at Toronto T.R.U.E. Running - Trail Running Urban Experience

- 2014 winner of the Brooklyn marathon
- Twice master champion - Waterfront half
- Twice master champion - Goodlife half
- Overall Winner - Ontario 5 Peaks Running Series
- 12 Boston marathons (incl. a 2:42:12, 6th in age cat)
- 1:13:19 half mara, unofficial all-time Can. 50+ record
- 1:46:12 at the Around the Bay 30K
- Other interests include: race directing, pool running, cycling & family time

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Steven Watanabe

"I’d run a few marathons using plans off the Internet, but my times had plateaued and I was frustrated. I joined Marathon Dynamics and with a personalized plan, help from Kevin and the other coaches, and the support of my team mates, I was able to cut ten minutes off my personal best and qualify for Boston."  Steven ran 3:21 at the 2017 Goodlife Marathon

 Steven W

Angelique Plata  

"With MDI’s customized training plan, I’ve improved my race times and PB’d in almost all of my races. Thank you Coach Kevin  for welcoming slow runners, like me.  A shout out too to my fellow Dynamos who are all so friendly and very encouraging." Angelique ran a 15min PB at the Goodlife Marathon 2017



Dave Larock

“I have trained with Kevin for three full seasons now and I highly recommend Marathon Dynamics to anyone who wants to run faster and to have fun doing it.

Since joining MD I have set PBs in the 5k, 10k, 21k, 30k and 42k distances thanks to Kevin’s well-thought out training programs and his enthusiastic encouragement. MD makes impossible possible!”

Dave L

Tiffany Simms  

I use to run as a kid in school and loved it so much but when I developed asthma my mother made me stop. After graduating university, I started running again to clear my mind and feel like a kid again - it was and is my favourite thing to do so I kept going.

I ran my very first race (Sporting Life 10K) in 2013 and as soon as I crossed the finish line I was hooked! I ran a half marathon two weeks later (like any sane person would) and developed my first stress fracture. I continued to run in pain, and use the winter months to partially recover, then start back up in the spring. I would cover roughly 70K/week, but wondered why I wasn't getting any faster. Iwould complain to my husband who then asked around and discovered that the number one recommended running coach in Toronto was a fine gentleman by the name of Kevin Smith.

I met Kevin on one of the coldest days in 2016 and completed a mile trial with him. He was very informative and patient with me because my ultimate dream was to qualify for the Boston Marathon and at that time I was nowhere near the shape I needed to be in with two stress fractures. As a runner, every time I was pounding that pavement I would fantasize about running in the Boston Marathon. It would bring tears to my eyes each time I thought about it because it was my ultimate goal. I wanted my BQ more than anything and I knew how hard it was to achieve and felt at many times it was close to impossible.

Kevin put a training plan together for me and I was determined to nail each and every workout, since I knew that if I really wanted to achieve my running goal I would need to put my dream ahead of everything else and focus on it. My family and friends were very supportive although they thought and still think I am crazy but I was ok with that.

With Kevin’s help, guidance and support, I was able to achieve a PB in every race distance this season and after two marathons I finally have my Boston Qualifier! I simply cannot express in words how truly grateful I am to Kevin and his coaching team for all the valuable advice and support that was given to me. This life achievement has taught me that if I work hard enough and never give up anything is possible. It really is.

THANK YOU KEVIN from the bottom of my heart.  

 Tiffany S

Tiffany ran Personal Best (by 27min!) of 3:30 flat @ Toronto Waterfront Marathon to qualify for Boston

Dynamo Newbie Rocks It!

Marathon Dynamics, and Coach Kevin, took me beyond my extensive reading and personal attempts to apply what I've read and enabled me to achieve a personal best time (1h24min) in the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon) I wouldn't have believed possible--8 MINUTES!

They did this through creating a customized plan and then monitoring and adjusting it and encouraging me every step of the way.  MDI coaches without overcoaching, and provides a great social environment enabling the runner to achieve their goals!

Mark Clingen

 Mark C

Roya Ali-Khanbegi  

I started running 3 yrs ago & 2 yrs ago joined MDI. I’ve had my ups & downs, and when i wanted to stop because of a disappinting race result, Coach Kev encouraged me to stay focused and adjusted not only my training plan but also my goal. In addition, I have an amazing Thursday morning group who I look forward to train with, and has kept me motivated… 3 yrs ago I ran Scotia half in 2:22:02 and today I ran 1:55! Whoot Whoot!

Roya AK

Top Master Brian Cupit
Thanks Coach Kev!
Brian C Missy Half

For the better part of 20 years, I had all but given up on competitive running.  Each time I tried to get back into race shape, an injury would pop up and end my comeback.  But for the past few years, Kevin quietly made suggestions and hinted that perhaps it would be possible for me to run without constant injury if I just trained the right way. I had my doubts, but I started doing Kevin's "Running Health Insurance" exercises  and found myself in January running more than I had in many years, so I started an MDI training plan for a spring half-marathon.

The training plan was challenging, but I found myself getting gradually faster. I got huge motivation and energy each week training with a group of dedicated and enthusiastic runners.  It is amazing how much of that rubs off!  I really doubt that I would have been able to put in the effort I did, or improve as much as I did if I was by myself.  After a few weeks of listening to race stories and race plans of the group members, I became excited by the prospect of actually entering a race.

In early May, I found myself finishing the Mississauga Half in a time that I did not believe possible just a few months earlier.  More importantly, I am back to really enjoying running again.  There is no question that I would not have made it to the start line had it not been for Kevin's coaching, and for me, getting to the start line is what it is all about."
Brian Cupit - 1:16 Mississauga Half 2016, 1st Master (at 50+), and 5th overall!

Nancy Kim  
"My past few years of running had been disappointing.  I was becoming slower, finishing races very fatigued, and was often injured.  I just wasn't enjoying running as much and wanted to turn things around.  I heard about Marathon Dynamics and took the plunge to sign up for the weekly training group and individual training plan.  Best decision ever!!  

In less than 6 months, I've learned so much about running, and have improved my strength and speed.  I achieved a new half marathon PB by 4 minutes and felt strong throughout the race, such a great feeling!  Coaches Kevin and Jason provide wonderful guidance and encouragement, and the talent and work ethic of fellow Dynamo runners is incredibly inspiring.  Being surrounded by so much positivity is an amazing gift, thank you ALL!!!"
Nancy K

Janice Morris

Through Marathon Dynamic's program, I've come back from pregnancy as a stronger and faster runner. I've gone from bed rest to personal best, qualified and ran my first Boston Marathon 6 months after giving birth to my third child and just recently ran a half marathon PB (1:39 2015 Waterfront Half)

 Janice M

New MDI Runner Andrew Auerbach  

"I have a hectic schedule and couldn't commit to fixed group runs. Kevin created a customized training plan for me and was always available for e-coaching. Marathon Dynamics prepared me to qualify for Boston with a PB of 3:11. Even better I beat my marathon time last October by 22 minutes! I'm looking forward to working with Marathon Dynamics for Boston. I know the group work would have been ideal but Marathon Dynamics was able to tailor a program around my needs."

Andrew Auerbach

Dynamo Runners RULE!
"I just wanted to say THANKS!  Without you, your help and support, I never would have improved this much.  You went the extra mile with me (pun intended!), by giving up a lot of your time to teach and coach me through each and every concern I had (which I know were many!).  You believed in me that I could accomplish my goal…and made it really easy - all I had to do was to follow your program.

I am truly grateful and you have made me a better runner!"

Dynamo runner David Gauthier, who has improved his marathon by almost 45 min since joining Marathon Dynamics, recently running a 3:05 this fall to qualify for Boston!

Dave Gauthier

First Time's a Charm  

What an amazing weekend and race in New York City! I finished in 4:37, and can't imagine another race topping this one! I could not have progressed this far without your help. I kept with the program and it really paid off.

Thank you again for all your help in preparation for this all season long!

Marathon debutant Cathy Annetta

Cathy A 

Dynamo Vet Paul Jamael
Paul JPaul has been running with Marathon Dynamics since 2004 and continues to rely on the wisdom and experience of MDI’s Coach Kevin to continually improve.  This year in Boston, he finished 29th in his age category under challenging conditions with an impressive 2:59!

While Paul is one of the top +50 master’s runners in Ontario, he is still motivated by the satisfaction that comes from a hard workout and training with his Marathon Dynamics teammates!  We are looking forward to seeing what he does next!  Run Paul Run!
Stratos Kalpakidis  

 “After I ran 14 full Marathons and 2 half Marathons the last 10 years I felt that I needed help to develop my running performance.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear, and I was lucky at this point of my running life to find Kevin. Kevin is an intuitive coach who knows how to support effectively his runners and his training programs are tailor made for each individual.

I worked the last 5 months with Kevin and as a result I improved 29min my personal best time in the last Toronto Good Life Half Marathon. Kevin helped me to move to the next level! Thank you so much!”

Stratos K

And Rave Some More!

"Marathon Dynamics coaches offer a positive focused atmosphere for people at a variety of skill levels, which is something I very much appreciate. Their friendly encouragement has worked like a tonic to inspire me to push through my own obstacles and reach my traing goals. This is one of the most intense activities I’ve been involved with; I get to with feel the burn and the joy...marvellous!"
Jacquie Jacobs - qualified for Boston at her debut marathon in her 1st season with MDI

Jacquie J

Another Success Story  

I'd achieved some success making my own training plans, but I felt I could improve and didn't know how. With the experience, knowledge, and technical expertise of Marathon Dynamics, I've been able to bring my half marathon PB from 1:48 to 1:34!

I also ran my first marathon, and I'm heading to Boston next April.  If you have the drive and determination, MDI can take care of the planning that ultimately produces your dream results. You'll marvel at coach Kevin's ability to assess your fitness and predict your race day results. You'll arrive at the starting line feeling super confident and ultra-prepared.

Kristin Dalzell after her 1st year with MDI

Kristin D

Anastasia Konovalenko

AnastasiaLast year, MDI helped me to get through really tough season by figuring out what was causing the drop in my running performance, complete my first full marathon and leave me wanting more:)  There were moments last year where I didn't even think I could ever run fast(er) again...but you guys gave me reassurance, patience and strength to get through all that.

This year, however I can't even begin...Every single race I ran, regardless of weather conditions was a PB by 10 + mins! You definitely brought me to a whole different running level and I know that training with MDI will help me qualify for Boston. And thank you for always being there, to answer any questions that I had and tons of emails that I sent, all the support from you and the rest of the staff--I would not be here without you.

Marathon Dynamics Runners Rave  

MDI Rocks! Why? The Personalized Training Plan and the Weekly Group Coaching. I did both. The result? 18 weeks later I qualified for Boston! The Plan was personalized for me, advocated cross training combined with a sensible number of non running days and was easy to follow. So I was realistically able to manage life outside running. And bonus...when I needed my Plan to be tweaked (due to really rough winter weather) it was easily done.

The Weekly Group Coaching got me ‘out there’ with other runners (of all abilities) and my professional MDI Coach. The coaches are runners too and were adept at keeping me on track (literally!) with my Plan by providing encouragement, advice (by email, phone or in person at the weekly workouts) and good jokes! Boston here I come!

MDI Runner Katie Thomas improved her marathon PB by over 15 min and qualified for Boston

Katie T

Brittany Hern
"In just four months Kevin was able to help me accomplish TWO major PB's!
His attention to detail, follow up emails, and constant motivation made my training season really enjoyable (which is hard during the winter season). I am already looking forward to future programming and training! Thanks so much for all your efforts!"
Britt ran 1:30 at the Chilly Half Marathon and broke 40min flat at Sporting Life 10K in 2017
Britt H
Kristen Donovan  

Kristen D  If you're looking for a dedicated and truly caring coach that goes beyond expectations, Coach Kevin and Marathon Dynamics is it! I improved my 30k race time by 40 minutes in my first season. I have even come within 3 seconds of our goal for a half marathon.

My Oakville MD group is like family. There is no judgement and only encouragement, no matter how your workout goes. I leave every meet feeling confident. I am hooked and can't wait to get my second season started!

Dynamo Newbie Kristen Donovan set (big) Personal Bests at every race distance with us, from 10K to marathon!

Dynamo Derek Gracias

Thanks to the structure, coaching and environment the MDI team offered, I was able to complete my first marathon in 3:18 in October 2014.

The initial benchmarking and comprehensive training plan allowed me to measure my progress and kept me focused on my goal.  The support and encouragement from Kevin and the team of MDI coaches was instrumental in improving my technique, speed and most importantly, mental sanity as I approached race day.

I would recommend Marathon Dynamics to rookie and experienced runners alike looking for a great environment and great results.

Derek G

Dynamo Sherlita DiBratto  

SherlitaAs always, Marathon Dynamics provided me with an excellent coaching, by precisely assessing where I was at as a runner, created a training plan and gave me the advice, encouragement and motivation to achieve my targets. Specifically this season, MDI instilled in me a racing and a pacing strategy which helped me realize a new personal best in the Half Marathon. Thank you, MDI!

Sherlita DiBratto, set personal bests at both the 15K distance and the Half Marathon, improving her best time by over 5 minutes, to run 2hrs flat!

This just in...

Don Campbell

I would like to thank Marathon Dynamics for designing a customized training plan. Coach Kev provided me with e-coaching which made my dream of qualifying for Boston a reality. I am so proud of my accomplishment and know I could not have done it without MDI. Thank you very much!!  Don Campbell
New Dynamo Giselle Disimone  

Because of Marathon Dynamics, this has been the best running season on record. I have been running for many years, but never with a specific goal or training plan. This year I decided to set my sights on an 1:45 ½ marathon, never having run faster than 1:51.  With the encouragement, support and superb, easy to follow training plan I received, I was able to achieve my goal. Running the half in 1:45 was fantastic. Now onto 1:40 or less!

Thank you Kevin (and Kristin) for a fantastic season. I truly appreciated all your encouragement and support.

Giselle DS

MDI-er Fulvia Manarin

Thanks for all your encouragement! Every season the training plan you create challenges me ever so slightly that I don’t realize it. I love running with my BFF’s and being a part of an even bigger great running group: Team Dynamo!

Since I joined MDI, I've improved my Personal Bests every season. Kevin has been instrumental in offering advice; not just about the running, but about all factors involved in successful marathon training, such as nutrition, good sleeping habits, appropriate dressing, and injury prevention. 

Long time Team Dynamo runner Fulvia Manarin, who just ran her all time PB of 3:28 at the 2014 NYC Marathon

Audrey Danaher  

Signing up with Marathon Dynamics was a great decision for me. It helped prepare me mentally and physically for running the NYC Marathon, and provided the opportunity to meet some extraordinary runners, especially on track day, dark and early.  The whole experience of the training was great and gave me the confidence to do NY.

I could not have done this marathon without it. What worked especially well for me in particular were the bits of advice you gave on track day (eg sleeping) and through your web site.  Most important though was the encouragement for us to do our best and a belief we could achieve our goals. 
You taught us that the race is something to enjoy, and that I did.  Many thanks!

 Audrey D

Midtown Dynamo Tara O

I have to say joining Marathon Dynamics has been a great decision for me. I was initially intimidated by all the great runners in your crew but I wanted to get better so decided to go for it. I have had a great time and feel like I've improved over the last few months. Everyone has been so supportive and you have been an amazing coach.

Tara O'Hagan - ran 3:55 PB at Marine Corps Marathon

Tara OHagan

and even more!  
“Thanks to Kevin Smith and the Marathon Dynamics approach to training, I was able to fulfill a personal dream - to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  By joining the Marathon Dynamics team and following their program, I was able to improve my marathon PB from 3:57 to 3:19 in just one year!” 

“Even more important to me is that Kevin works really hard to foster a friendly and supportive team environment throughout training and coaching sessions... As a result, I have been able to establish incredible new friendships with some great people that share my passion for running.” 

New Marathon Dynamics Runner Harvey Foote

Harvey F 

Getting Faster For Years!

"I was so thrilled that you were thrilled. I could feel your genuine excitement. And you validated my sub-45. These are true traits of a high quality, caring, and remarkable coach: my preparation, my performance, and the personal attention that you give each and every one of your clients"

Long Time Dynamo Jackie Gallant, after improving her 10K PB by a full 3 minutes, running 44:39!

MDI Runner Benoit Keppenne  

"8 months ago I was immobilized on an hospital bed with severe injuries suffered in a horrible motorcycle accident. I just ran my half marathon in 1:29--an 8 min PB!

This would not have happened without MDI's help. The personal plans are very effective at keeping you focussed & the camaraderie of the group running sessions and coaches push you to the limit without you even noticing it!"

Benoit K


A Happy MDI Runner

You really have brought me to a place I never thought I would see. I never imagined I’d be able to deliver the race result that I did this past year. I’m still in disbelief of the time in fact!  I've vastly improved through your coaching.  You took me from a 4:02 marathon where I thought I left everything I had on the course down to a 3:19 in 3 years – with a Boston Q to show for it as a bonus!"

Ken Moscoe

Ken M

Rod Lowe

Kevin's support, vast knowledge, and enthusiasm are a huge part of my being able to run faster and stronger than I ever have.

Thanks to him I was able to knock almost 4 minutes off my personal best time in the half marathon. That previous best was set while I was still in my 30's -- I'm now closer to 50 than I am to 40. Thanks Kev!!!

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