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Just the FAQs and nothing but the FAQs...
Do I have to be "fast"? NO!  MDI designs plans and coaches runners of all speeds (whether it takes you 3hrs to run a half marathon OR a full marathon!).  What we get excited about is creating RELATIVE improvement, not absolute speed
Do I have to be very experienced? NO!  Though most runners arrive on our doorstep having done at least 5Ks or 10Ks, if not a half or full marathonn
Do I have to run lots? NO! (not necessarily) MDI believes in a "minimalist" approach to training volume, only adding distance once we're sure you've gotten as much from your current training volume as possible
Can MDI help me qualify for Boston?  YES! We didn't start out specifically to help runners do this back in the late 90's, but we now help as many as 100 runners per year reach Boston Qualifying times
Can MDI help me run my best Boston (once I qualify)?  YES!  We've learned as much over the years from the hundreds of runners we've helped get to Boston as we've taught them, and have devised Boston specific plans and training techniques to help you conquer the most technical marathon course in North America
Can MDI help me break the cycle of repeated and/or protracted running injuries?  YES! - most of our coaches have experienced just about every known running injury and know first hand the early warning signals, the symptoms, the treatment, and most importantly--how to stay as fit as possible DURING injury!
Can MDI help me fit my training into my already demanding life?  YES! - our coaches are all extremely busy people with demanding jobs, family responsibilites, and many other interests (athletic and otherwise), and have become experts at effective time management for runners 
Can MDI help me find other runners appropriate to run with? YES! - we LOVE linking up runners of like ability and character, and watching the positive sparks fly.  Either through our coached intensity workouts, our weekly social groups runs, and/or through email, website discussion groups, and social media as welll
Can I be coached by MDI, but train with my regular training buddies, running group, or by myself?  YES! You don't have to "leave your running buddies behind" when training with Marathon Dynamics.  And if you prefer to train solo...more power to you! You can take advantage of as much or as little of the group support we provide, to allow you to maintain your commitment to long-standing running friends and training partners (or train on your own), while using our Customized Training Plan to improve your running performance

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