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Jacquie J rocks WF Mara

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Marathon Dynamics Latest News

Archived Fall 2014 to Spring 2015


 Sarah Danielle Jenn

Dynamo runners Sarah Black, Danielle Noon, and Jenn Trowell sporting both the old and the new Purple Power singlets at the Waterfront Half

Sept-Nov/15 - What a season! Your Dynamo run coaches are elated with the determined tenacity you guys demonstrated in training, and the savvy and spirit you showed on race days over the past couple of months. What a joy it was to see so many of you sporting our new Purple Power gear out there--way to represent!

In the past we've done reports on each "biggy" race event, but we've been so busy wrapping up the season, that we've done one big summary this time.

Some of you got lucky with race day conditions (Waterfront, for example), some of you did not (Chicago and Hamilton of course!), but just about everyone took what the day gave them and turned it into something very special.

TO Tween Seasons Party

 Some of the crew stuck around after Sasha's talk for a "Runfie"

It was such a pleasure to gather together with some of our Toronto area runners in mid November at our Tween Seasons Party at the Granite Brewery, to celebrate with each other and enjoy the presentation by our very special guest speaker, Canadian champion distance runner Sasha Gollish.  She helped coaches Kevin Smith and Jennifer Faraone present a few awards to some very deserving Dynamos, before tons of draw prizes on behalf of our sponsors.

 Claire B Award

Claire Bramma accepting the "Rookie of the Year" award.  Not one but 2 all time Half Marathon PBs in 1 month (1:27 at WF for 3rd in her age cat) sealed the deal!

 Roya Diamond In the Rough

Roya Ali-Khanbegi receives the "Diamond in the Rough" award (aka "most improved), for her monstrous 26min PB at the Waterfront Half (1:55)

Dave G Closest to Perfection

Dave Gauthier is a deserving winner of the "Closest To Perfection" award for his incredible 3:05 Boston Q PB at Lehigh Marathon, an 18min improvement since just last year.

Without further ado, we'd like to highlight some of the most impressive and inspiring Team Dynamo results over the past couple months.  Alas, here are...


Did you made the list?  CLICK HERE to see! Please note:

* Many runners didn't make the list, but at least a dozen of you super keeners made it TWICE (all the more reason to heed our "race at least twice before the biggy" advice ;o)

* as judged by relative improvement and/or race day execution, not solely on finishing time. Listed alphabetically. PB denotes "Personal Best". AC denotes "Age Category".  BQ denotes "Boston Qualifier"

* If you feel we've overlooked your (or another runner's) performance, PLEASE let us know right away.  Remember to always email us w/your results/reports!  We apologize for any oversight (it's a big job keeping track of every Dynamo runner...but we do our best ;o)

Thanks as well to all of you who sent us sensational pics from your race experiences.  Stats are cool and all, but pictures capture the real emotion of the day. 

FacecookCheck out the pics below (click for hi res) or click here  to visit our Dynamo Fall 2015 Facebook photo album.  Some great shots there already, but if you have any more we can add, please send! 

Adrian Karin Berlin Anu B Hamilton

(left) Adrian Constantinescu & Karin Lindner celebrate at the finish line of the Berlin Marathon (right) Anu Bentley looking strong on her way to a 3:54 "redemption" at the blustery Hamilton Marathon.  (below) Coach Kev and standout masters Dynamo Paul Jamael mug for the camera after strong runs at the Toronto 10 Miler.

 Kev and Paul


Dynamo 'Cover Girl" Roz Morton cruising to age cat victory (and 6th overall) in 3:12
           Roz at Goodlife Mara

Great job to ALL Marathon Dynamics runners, past and present, who raced this weekend! About 50 of us in action at various races, but mainly at the Goodlife Toronto and Mississauga Marathons & Halfs. Conditions were near ideal early on, but temperatures kept climbing all morning, making it increasingly hard for "unclimatized" runners still out there after 10am.

Here are the TOP 40 Performances listed alphabetically by event:


Helen Bagshaw - 1:43, 4th in age category
Claire Griffin - 1:34, 7th in AC
Scott McDonell - 1:24, 2nd in AC
Christine Moffitt - 1:51, all time Personal Best

Paul Monahan - 1:44, Strong run...great set up for fall season
Eric Morris - 1:39, rough winter, tough race-gutsy!
Chris Robinson - 1:39, all time PB
Erin Smyth - 1:44, 3rd in AC
Maxine Steinberg - 1:56, just missed all time PB
Chris Tsai - 1:54, all time PB (4+min)
Rob Wright - 1:49, getting IM ready!


Ghazaleh Afshari - 4:15, despite serious ITB issues
Mike Bentley - 3:00, Boston redemption! & 8th in AC
Ralph Cochrane - 3:54, All time PB (13+min)
Coach Driss Dacha - 2:39, 1st master & 6th overall (at 53!)
Dave Gauthier - 3:14, All ti
me PB (12min)
Ryan Goldvine - 3:24, despite BIG respiratory trouble
Jason Jacobs - 3:13, All time PB (5+ min) & 10th in AC
Dave Larock - 3:34, All time PB 20+min!)
Stacia Morris - 3:26, All time PB & Boston Q
Roz Morton - 3:12, All time PB, 1st AC, 6th overall
Stephanie Porter - 3:50, Debut!


Wendy Burness - 2:04, Best time in 10 years!
Lisa Demarco - 1:58, in "run buddy support mode" no less ;o)
Lesley Gallinger - 2:11, hard on the comeback trail
May Seto - 2:08, warming up for the Ultra season ;o)
Katie Thomas - 1:53, hard on the comeback trail
Thomas Tielen - 1:18, u
nbelievable! 7th AC and 12th overall!)


Sandro Cupillari - 3:35, Boston Q (all time PB?)
Jacquie Jacobs - 4:17, Boston Q
Andrew Lin - 3:48, all time PB (25min!)
Jarmila Mol - 4:09, debut (but off course 2+ extra km--net 3:57-ish)
Jennifer Pitts - 4:00, tough finish!
Kim Sarraino - 3:53, all time PB and Boston Q
Andy Sykes - 3:36, all time PB (24min!) and Boston Q
Kelly Zyblock - 4:09, tough last 10km due to short season ;o)

And out of town, CLAUDETTE GERMAIN ran a scintillating 1:59 (60+ cat!) all time PB at the Levis Half Marathon in Quebec

And Coach JENNIFER FARAONE WON the North Face Challenge Trail Half Mara in New Marathon in NY state!

Dynamic Duo Jacquie Jacobs & Lisa DeMarco celebrate Jacquie's Boston Q at Missy Marathon!

           Jacquie and Lisa Missy Mara

Katie Thomas sporting the Missy Half bling, where she ran a super "comeback" 1:53

           Katie T at Missy Half

Claudette Germain, now 60+ celebrates a very special accomplishment at the Levis Half Marathon in Quebec--an all time personal best of 1:59!

           Claudette Levis Half

Coach Jenn Faraone, happily celebrates her victory at the North Face Half Marathon in New York State!

            Jenn F wins North Face Half


Boston 2015

Apr 20/15 - Despite the punishing winds, cold, and rain, and in many cases, personal circumstances that to everyone but these special individuals themselves seemed dauntingly insurmountable, The MDI Dynamo team had dozens of AMAZING results, experiences, and memories at this year's Boston Marathon.

We've highlighted some of the most impressive and inspiring results here, but congrats to ALL the Dynamos, present and past at the 2015 Boston Marathon!

 Andrew Auerbach - 3:18 - New Boston PB & Boston Requalify
Anu Bentley - 4:24 - Boston Debut (suffering through SHINGLES!)
Alisa Bridgman - 3:37 - All-time Marathon PB (and Boston Re-Q)
David Colafranceschi - 3:08 - What a debut!
Liza Crawford - 3:47 - Gutsy finish on a tough day
Annabelle DeGouveia - 3:54 - Boston Debut & Re-Q
Peter Hadzipetros - 4:12 - Rough one...kudos on 8th Boston
Liz Hanson - 3:44 - New Boston PB, 4th Boston & Requalify
Bill Haust - 4:03 - one of those days ;o( On to Comrades Marathon ;o)
Melanie Irvine - 3:31 - Boston Debut...and PERFECT race!
Paul Jamael - 2:59 - Another sub Boston
Paula Krulicki - 3:37 - Solid run...eventful & FUN!
Tara Laidley 4:04 - Boston Debut & Re-Q)
Faith Lee - 4:41 - Boston Debut - a victory of persistence over injury
Lucia Mahoney 3:54 - Triumph over circumstance (and Boston Re-Q)
Fulvia Manarin - 3:50 - Solid and controlled
Janet Manley - 3:30 - All time PB...what a race!
Josi Mori-Stoodley - 4:13 (in the middle of cancer treatment?!?)
Janet Morris - 3:46 - Amazing Debut, just 6 months after giving birth!
Karen Peesker - 4:05 - Smart run
Karen Soos - 3:48 - Boston Debut
Sheryl Thingvold - 3:39 - Wow, right on the mark! (and Boston Re-Q)
Natasha Vasiljevic - 3:47 Boston Debut & Re-Q)
Coach Lawrence Warriner - 2:48 - 12th in 50+ age cat (13th Boston)

Y'all did so fabulously I'm inspired to go back next year - Can't wait!

Check out some of the Before, During & After Boston Pics Below (click image for hi res)

Below: Karen, Janet, Alisa and Fulvia celebrate getting to Boston...together!

Midtown Musketeers

 Janice Morris celebrats her 3:46 Boston Debut - Just 6 months after childbirth!

 Janice M 2015

Many of our "Midtown Monarch Park" crew gather at Union Oyster Bar for a prerace carbo-load!

 Monarch Park Crew

Paul Jamael celebrates a VERY hard-earned 2:59 at blustery Boston 2015

 Paul J Boston 2015

Anu Bentley finishing her debut Boston after a season filled with huge challenges she overcame to get there!

 Anu B Boston 2015

YONGE ST. 10K 2015

Yonge St 10K

Apr 19/15 - whilst dozens of Boston bound Dynamos tapered with care, a few others managed to squeeze a super fast 10K race into their late season tapering and sharpening. Though, like Boston the next day, headwinds factored into slower times, you'd barely know it, the way some Dynamos threw down.

Here's a baker's dozen praise-worthy performances (alphabetically):

Helen Bagshaw - 47:18 - 6th in Age Cat
Andrew Chak - 40:44 - Just training through ;o)
Coach Driss Dacha - 33:13 - 1st 50+ & 1st Overall Master (40+)!!!
Angela Ganstal - 42:45 - 1st in age cat and all time PB
Claudette Germain - 52:15 - 2nd in AC and all time PB
Ryan Goldvine - 39:47 - all time PB
Chris Robinson - 42:45 - all time PB (by 2 min!)
Coach Kevin Smith - 33:21 - 1st 45-49 & 2nd Overall Master
Erin Smyth - 45:27 - 11th in AC and all time PB
Thomas Tielen - 34:49 13th in AC (and comeback of the season!)
Dmitri Toubelis - 43:01 - JUST missed all time PB (30 sec)
Caroline Welsh - 47:57 - all time PB
Rob Wright - 50:09 - solid run (esp. with hamstring issue ongoing)

The ever-photogenic Andrew Chak mugs for the bling shot

 Andrew Chak 10K

Coach Kev at the finish with Robert Brouillette, a young lion 25 years his junior

 Kev & Robert

Around The Bay

 ATB 30K 2015

Mar 29/15 - We usually only recognize the "Top 30 ATB Performances", but there were just so many, we've listed over 40 of them this time ;o)

Marathon Dynamics' BEST ATB EVER!

 * Roz Morton - 2:12! (debut, 1 of only 57 women to receive coveted ATB GOLD medal!)
* Ryan Goldvine - 2:13 (MASSIVE 26min PB, and coveted silver medal)

* David Gauthier - 2:13 (giant 12min PB, and aforementioned silver medal)
* Andrew Chak - 2:13 (all time PB, silver medal)
* Sebastien Dhonte - 2:14 (10min PB, and silver medal)
* Jason Jacobs - 2:16 (all time PB)
* Stacia Morris - 2:20 (almost 30min PB! & silver medal)
* Ken Jacobs - 2:22 (all time PB)
* Vadim Gouterman - 2:24 (14min PB)
* Dave Larock - 2:25 (9min PB)
* Janet Manley - 2:25 (all time PB & silver medal, just
Boston racepacing!)
* Fulvia Manarin - 2:26 (nearly broke PB, just Boston pace, silver medal)
* Paula Krulicki - 2:26 (just Boston racepace, silver medal)
* Liza Crawford - 2:26 (nearly broke PB, just Boston pace, silver medal)
* Karen Soos - 2:27 (nearly broke PB, just Boston pace, silver medal)
* Marija Radivojevic - 2:31
* Sandro Cupillari - 2:31 (12 min all time PB)
* Alisa Bridgman - 2:32 (nearly broke PB, just Boston racepacing)
* Sheryl Thingvold - 2:32 (just Boston racepacing)
* Shannon Pritchard - 2:33 (comeback trail indeed!)
* Andy Sykes - 2:33 (debut!)
* Liz Hanson - 2:35 (Boston racepacing)
* Lucia Mahoney - 2:36 (Boston pacing "by feel" on vapor trail iron levels!)
* Janice Morris - 2:38 (Boston racepacing)
* Natasha Vasiljevic - 2:38 (Boston racepacing)
* Annabelle DeGouveia - 2:40 (nearly broke PB, just Boston racepacing)
* Nancy Lennon - 2:40 (nice last minute jump up in distance!)

* Jennifer Pitts - 2:40
* Andrew Lin - 2:41 (a new all time over 1 HOUR!)
* Henry Ritson - 2:41 (back to the Bay...finally!)
* Kelly Zyblock - 2:43 (26min all time PB!)
* Karen Peesker - 2:43 (Boston racepacing...mostly ;o)
* Kim Sarraino - 2:44 (5+min all time PB)
* Ghazaleh Ashari - 2:49 (nearly all time PB)
* Jacquie Jacobs - 2:49 (12min all time PB)
* Maxine Steinberg - 2:51 (HUGE debut!)

* Laural Adams – for abandoning her own race goal/plan, to walk with a friend who was in dire/deep trouble out there, to support her through a very rough experience. Click here to read her inspiring blog entry of the race experience.
* Bill Haust, who ran ATB as part of almost 70K in just over 24hrs, preparing for this summer's Comrades Marathon in South Africa
* and even some of your MDI coaches did some pretty amazing things :o)

     - Coach Driss Dacha was 2nd in the 50-54 age cat in 1:51

     - Coach Lawrence Warriner, who won the 50-54 age, and was 3rd overall MASTER (40+), and his time of 1:48:15 bested the current Canadian 30K record for 50+ by 1+ minute!

     - and Coach Kev pulled off an all-time PB of 1:48:07, to win his age cat (45-49), place 2nd overall master, and win the Ontario Masters 30K Champs to boot!

6 Musketeers

 Laural and Buddy

 Lawrence at ATbKev at ATB 2105





Post ATB BrunchRoz ATB

Harry Spring Run Off

Harry's Spring Run Off 8K & 5K

Andrew Chak - 34:11 (on super tired legs from ATB!)

Chris Robinson - 36:40 (3+ min all time PB for 8K!)

Claudette Germain - 44:19 (all time PB, and 4th in her age cat!)

Sarah Black - 45:28 (gutsy effort on a tough day)

and Jacquie Jacobs ran 25:58 in the 5K...and won the costume contest (again!)...see pic below 

 Jacquie J Harrys 5K


Chilly Half 2015Mar 1/15 - Congrats to the dozens of MDI Dynamos who ventured west to enjoy what was probably our best running weather day in 7-8 straight weeks at the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington!


(not necessarily fastest times, but best relative performance to ability on the day):

Paul Jamael - 1:23 (13 min PB! & 4th AC)
Scott McDonell - 1:24 (5th in Age Category)
Harvey Foote - 1:28 (7th in AC)
Ryan Goldvine - 1:30 (close to all time PB)
Jason Jacobs - 1:30 (close to all time PB)
Yasu Kajiwara - 1:34 (5th in AC)
Kristin Dalzell - 1:34 (8th in AC)
Ken Jacobs - 1:35 ("not racing" huh? ;o)
Dave Larock - 1:36 (all time 6+ min!)
Fulvia Manarin - 1:37 (AT PB & 1st in AC!)
Karen Soos - 1:40 (all time PB & 7th in AC)
Sheryl Thingvold - 1:41 (right on track)
Natasha Vasiljevic - 1:44 (all time PB)
Ralph Cochrane - 1:45 (10min PB!)
Richard St. John - 1:46 (5th in AC)
Jenn Pitts - 1:49 (right on track)
Tara Laidley - 1:53 (9th in AC)
Jacquie Jacobs - 1:53 (right on track)
Maxine Steinberg - 1:56 (monster PB!)
Sarah Black - 1:56 (nice comeback!)
Ghazaleh Afshar - 1:59 (solid effort)

and good on ya! Coach Kev, for dragging myself across the line in 1:14, which somehow managed to snag me the overall Masters title, and coincidentally, the Ontario Masters Half Marathon Championships for 2015 ;o)

Way to go TEAM - So inspiring to be part of this group!

Chilly Gang 2015Jacquie J Chilly

(top) Dynamo teammates celebrate w/Coach Kev after the aptly-named Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington, while (below), perennial best photo winner Jacquie Jacobs struts her effusively joyous stuff crossing the finish line!


Nov 2/14: Chilly and blustery conditions greeted runners in both locations (colder in Hamilton, windier in NYC), but neither of those conditions phased our savvy Dynamo runners. 

Cathy A NYC

(above) MDI-er Cathy Annetta is positively beaming at the finish of her debut marathon.  What a setting for such a feat--The Big Apple!

(below) Stalwart Team Dynamo performers (L to R) Janet Manley, Karen Soos and Coach Jennifer Faraone gather together for a group "hug 'n pic" before getting their run on in Hamilton!

Hamilton Gang

Here are some of the Team Dynamo performances we're most proud of (alphabetical by last name, in no particular order otherwise):


Kevin Imrie 3:30 All time PB
Jessica Jay 3:33 Debut! (and Boston Q), 6th in AC
Janet Manley 3:34 nearly all time PB (and Boston Q)
Mike Riley 3:18 3rd in AC (over 60!) & of course, BQ
Karen Soos 3:33 All time PB (and BQ), 8th in AC


Sandro Cupillari 1:44  
Jennifer Faraone 1:23 4th Overall, 1st Master
Liz Hanson 1:44  
Paul Kundarewich 1:33 All time PB
Darrel Smith 1:41  
Maureen Stocker 2:11 Best time in 8 years!

& Kristin Dalzell charged to a 42:30 in the 10K (1st AC, 2nd overall)


Cathy Annetta 4:37 Debut!
Tanya Baldassi 5:20 Debut!
Audrey Danaher 6:30  
Jane Davies 4:36 2nd Boston Q in 2 weeks!
Joanne Enser 5:13  
Kelly Johnston 4:52  
Nicole Leaper 6:30  
Peter Malakhov 3:20 All time PB (& Boston Q)
Fulvia Mararin 3:28 All time PB (& Boston Q)
Jodi Spitzer 4:51 PB (by 40 minutes!)
Maxine Steinberg 4:20  
Kim  Yeung 4:57 Debut!

What a race weekend to cap off the most phenomenal MDI Team Dynamo running season yet!  So proud of everyones efforts and accomplishments!

And just a week later, Team Dynamo still had the "pedal to the medal"...

at Marine Corps Marathon in Washington:

Suzanne Lesnowski ran an eye-popping 3:12 (for 3rd in AC!)
Carol Bagozzi flew to a 3:46 all time PB (by 5 minutes)
Marie Dupal pulled off a 3:50 (despite recent health issues almost didn't run at all!)
And Jane Davies ran her THIRD MARATHON in 15 days, notching a 4:42 (and 5th in her age cat), just a week after running a Boston Q in Toronto (and Chicago the week before that!)
Jane Davies Marine Corps
Jane Davies proudly sporting her new bling, along with two lucky Marines mugging with TO's grand dame of Marathoning! 
and here at home too...
Lucia M Womens 5K
At the Toronto Women's 8K & 5K (Sunnybrook Park)
In the 8K, Roz Morton ran 33min for 2nd in her AC, and 5th overall and Melinda Montgomery ran 37min for 2nd in her AC as well
In the 5K, Lucia Mahoney (at left) ran 21min to win her AC (5th overall), while long time Dynamo Carolyn Bennett won the race overall!


Oct 19/14:  A cool & breezy morning greeted those of us who suited up in hopes of running our very best race at the marquee Toronto running event of the year...

Laural Mara debut Kev WF Half

(above left) Dynamo newbie Laural Adams raises her arms in triumph at the finish of her first ever marathon, while (above right) Coach Kev is sheepishly proud of his top 3 overall masters award in the Half Marathon

To say it was a banner day would be truly an understatement, since out of close to 60 MDI Dynamos running, pretty much every one of them netted big all time PB's, scintillating debuts at new distances, and/or fabulously high age category placings.  To give you some idea, here are the...

Best Dynamo Waterfront Race Performances!
(as judged by relative improvement and/or race day execution, not solely on finishing time...listed alphabetically)

Half Marathon

Michael Brown 1:31 all time PB
Serafino Catallo 1:32 all time PB
Joanne Enser 2:20  
Jackie Gallant 1:36 all time PB (by 9 min!), and 8th AC
Angela Ganstal 1:37 all time PB (& 1st in AC)
Rich Garbutt 1:34 all time PB
Claudette Germain 2:01 all time PB
Vadim Gouterman 1:32 all time PB
Julie Grange 1:51 the comeback continues!
Tanya Grant 1:46 all time PB
Claire Griffin 1:33 all time PB
Ken Jacobs 1:33 just missed all time best!
David  Johnson 2:13  
Nancy Lennon 1:40 10th AC
Peter Malakhov 1:32 all time PB
Barbara Milligan 1:58 all time PB!
Paul Monahan 1:46  
Deborah Osmond 2:01 (sick as a dog for days)
Lucy Payette 1:35 5th AC (all time PB)
Chris Robinson 1:40 all time PB
Scott  Rollwagen 1:40  
Giselle Simone 1:45 all time PB
Coach Kev Smith 1:14 2nd AC (age category), 3rd overall master
Erin Smyth 1:43 all time PB
Bridget Wiley 1:43 all time PB (& 3rd in AC)
Annie  Zurakowsky 2:09 all time PB

Full Marathon

Laural Adams 5:03 Debut!
Sykes Andy 4:14 Debut!
Smith Brooke 4:50 Debut!
Andrew  Chak 3:09 all time PB, Boston Q
Anders Ganstal 3:15 near PB, Boston Q
Bagshaw Helen 3:54 Debut!
Jacobs Jacquie 4:26  
Hodgson Jane 4:37 Boston Q & 1st in AC!
Chartrand Lara 5:16 Debut!
Chris Mar 3:38 Debut!
Melissa McEnroe 4:10 nearly all time PB
Stacia Morris 3:29 all time PB, Boston Q
Eric  Morris 3:30 all time PB
Karen Mulchinook 4:00 all time PB
Marianne Quirouette 4:20 Debut!
Katie Thomas 4:08 Boston Q 
Steve Watanabe 3:28 all time PB

And Coach Kristin Dalzell ran a 20:49 5K for 2nd in her age cat too!


Paul J Chicago 14

Paul Jamael - rolling strong to a 2:57 in Chicago, JUST missing his all time PB (and only not wearing his Dynamo singlet cause he actually has worn it completely OUT.  We'll get you a new one soon Paul, promise!)

Oct 12/14: Despite some sneakily warm/humid conditions at this year's Chi-Town rumble, there were some truly HUGE Dynamo efforts.  What a magical day crew...sincere and admiring congrats!

Paul Jamael - 2:57 (seconds from all time PB)

Harvey Foote - 3:08 (the steady comeback continues)

Derek Gracias - 3:18 (debut!)

Josi Mori-Stoodley - 3:19 (how does she keep doing this?)

Brett Warren -  3:39

Paul Goldfarb - 3:42

Natasha Vasiljevic - 3:55 (after nearly 4 weeks off? Wha?)

Michelle Burca - 4:59 (debut!)

Michelle Esposito - 5:52    

Way to rock the windy city crew!

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Marathon Dynamics News

Janice Morris - True Dynamo

Through Marathon Dynamic's program, I've come back from pregnancy as a stronger and faster runner. I've gone from bed rest to personal best, qualified and ran my first Boston Marathon 6 months after giving birth to my third child and just recently ran a half marathon PB (1:39 2015 Waterfront Half)

 Janice M

Roya Ali-Khanbegi  

I started running 3 yrs ago & 2 yrs ago joined MDI. I’ve had my ups & downs, and when i wanted to stop because of a disappinting race result, Coach Kev encouraged me to stay focused and adjusted not only my training plan but also my goal. In addition, I have an amazing Thursday morning group who I look forward to train with, and has kept me motivated… 3 yrs ago I ran Scotia half in 2:22:02 and today I ran 1:55! Whoot Whoot!

Roya AK

Dynamo Runners RULE!
"I just wanted to say THANKS!  Without you, your help and support, I never would have improved this much.  You went the extra mile with me (pun intended!), by giving up a lot of your time to teach and coach me through each and every concern I had (which I know were many!).  You believed in me that I could accomplish my goal…and made it really easy - all I had to do was to follow your program.

I am truly grateful and you have made me a better runner!"

Dynamo runner David Gauthier, who has improved his marathon by almost 45 min since joining Marathon Dynamics, recently running a 3:05 this fall to qualify for Boston!

Dave Gauthier

New Dynamo Andrew Auerbach  

"I have a hectic schedule and couldn't commit to fixed group runs. Kevin created a customized training plan for me and was always available for e-coaching.

Marathon Dynamics prepared me to qualify for Boston with a PB of 3:11. Even better I beat my marathon time last October by 22 minutes! I'm looking forward to working with Marathon Dynamics for Boston. I know the group work would have been ideal but Marathon Dynamics was able to tailor a program around my needs."

Andrew Auerbach


MDI Runner Feedback...
"Marathon Dynamics coaches offer a positive focused atmosphere for people at a variety of skill levels, which is something I very much appreciate. Their friendly encouragement has worked like a tonic to inspire me to push through my own obstacles and reach my traing goals. This is one of the most intense activities I’ve been involved with; I get to with feel the burn and the joy...marvellous!"
Jacquie Jacobs - qualified for Boston at her debut marathon in her 1st season with MDI
 Jacquie J Testa
I would like to thank Marathon Dynamics...

...for designing my perfect training plan. Kevin Smith provided me with e-coaching which made my dream of qualifying for Boston a reality. I am so proud of my accomplishment and know I could not have done it without MDI.

Thank you very much!

Don Campbell

Don Campbell

Dynamo Newbie Rocks It!

Marathon Dynamics, and Coach Kevin, took me beyond my extensive reading and personal attempts to apply what I've read and enabled me to achieve a personal best time (1h24min) in the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon) I wouldn't have believed possible--8 MINUTES!

They did this through creating a customized plan and then monitoring and adjusting it and encouraging me every step of the way.  MDI coaches without overcoaching, and provides a great social environment enabling the runner to achieve their goals!

Mark Clingen

 Mark C

First Time's A Charm  

What an amazing weekend and race in New York City! I finished in 4:37, and can't imagine another race topping this one! I could not have progressed this far without your help. I kept with the program and it really paid off.

Thank you again for all your help in preparation for this all season long!

Marathon debutant Cathy Annetta

Cathy A

Does Marathon Dynamics Really Work? Just as our runners!  

"Marathon Dynamics is a great way to train from beginners to advanced marathoners. The MDI program has provided the structure and support to allow me to successfully train at a high level whlie still meeting all my other responsibilties as a father, husband, veterinarian, business owner, and recreational hockey player! During my three years with MDI, I have managed to stayed injury free and my marathon personal best has gone from 3:13 to 2:58!"
3 year MDI veteran Brett Warren

New Dynamo Derek Gracias

Thanks to the structure, coaching and environment the MDI team offered, I was able to complete my first marathon in 3:18 in October 2014.

The initial benchmarking and comprehensive training plan allowed me to measure my progress and kept me focused on my goal.  The support and encouragement from Kevin and the team of MDI coaches was instrumental in improving my technique, speed and most importantly, mental sanity as I approached race day.

I would recommend Marathon Dynamics to rookie and experienced runners alike looking for a great environment and great results.


One Happy MDI Runner  

You really have brought me to a place I never thought I would see. I never imagined I’d be able to deliver the race result that I did this past year. I’m still in disbelief of the time in fact!

I've vastly improved through your coaching.  You took me from a 4:02 marathon where I thought I left everything I had on the course down to a 3:19 in 3 years – with a BQ to show for it as a bonus!

Ken Moscoe

Ken M

Dynamo Fulvia Manarin

Thanks for all your encouragement! Every season the training plan you create challenges me ever so slightly that I don’t realize it. I love running with my BFF’s and being a part of an even bigger great running group: Team Dynamo!

Since I joined MDI, I've improved my Personal Bests every season. Kevin has been instrumental in offering advice; not just about the running, but about all factors involved in successful marathon training, such as nutrition, good sleeping habits, appropriate dressing, and injury prevention. 

Fulvia just ran her all time PB of 3:28 at the 2014 NYC Marathon!
Another MDI Success Story...  

I'd achieved some success making my own training plans, but I felt I could improve and didn't know how. With the experience, knowledge, and technical expertise of Marathon Dynamics, I've been able to bring my half marathon PB from 1:48 to 1:34! I also ran my first marathon, and I'm heading to Boston next April.

If you have the drive and determination, MDI can take care of the planning that ultimately produces your dream results. You'll marvel at coach Kevin's ability to assess your fitness and predict your race day results. You'll arrive at the starting line feeling super confident and ultra-prepared.

Kristin Dalzell after her 1st year with MDI

Kristin D

Don't wait for your ship to come in...
Run out to it!
Where to Run in Toronto  
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Dynamo Runners Rave...  

MDI Rocks! Why? The Personalized Training Plan and the Weekly Group Coaching. I did both. The result? 18 weeks later I qualified for Boston! The Plan was personalized for me, advocated cross training combined with a sensible number of non running days and was easy to follow. So I was realistically able to manage life outside running. And bonus...when I needed my Plan to be tweaked (due to really rough winter weather) it was easily done.

The Weekly Group Coaching got me ‘out there’ with other runners (of all abilities) and my professional MDI Coach. The coaches are runners too and were adept at keeping me on track (literally!) with my Plan by providing encouragement, advice (by email, phone or in person at the weekly workouts) and good jokes! Boston here I come!

MDI Runner Katie Thomas improved her marathon PB by over 15 min and qualified for Boston

 Katie T

All Time Best!

Because of Marathon Dynamics, this has been the best running season on record. I have been running for many years, but never with a specific goal or training plan. This year I decided to set my sights on an 1:45 ½ marathon, never having run faster than 1:51.  With the encouragement, support and superb, easy to follow training plan I received, I was able to achieve my goal. Running the half in 1:45 was fantastic. Now onto 1:40 or less!

Thank you Kevin (and Kristin) for a fantastic season. I truly appreciated all your encouragement and support.

New Dynamo Giselle Disimone

Audrey Danaher  

Signing up with Marathon Dynamics was a great decision for me. It helped prepare me mentally and physically for running the NYC Marathon, and provided the opportunity to meet some extraordinary runners, especially on track day, dark and early.  The whole experience of the training was great and gave me the confidence to do NY.

I could not have done this marathon without it. What worked especially well for me in particular were the bits of advice you gave on track day (eg sleeping) and through your web site.  Most important though was the encouragement for us to do our best and a belief we could achieve our goals. 
You taught us that the race is something to enjoy, and that I did.  Many thanks!

Immense Improvement!

I SMASHED my PB by over 14 minutes it in 2hrs9min!

Truly, truly unbelievable. I had to dig SO hard...I really don't know where it came from. So emotional and so exhausted!

Thank you SO much for all you've done for me over the last few months, I honestly couldn't have got to where I am now without your guidance and support. It had been amazing and you've helped me find a strength - both physical and emotional - that I didn't know I had.

MDI Newbie Michelle Cleave

Bev Whalen - 3:07 Debut!  

"Marathon Dynamics’ training program showed me that if I run the race the right way, I can break 3 hours.

My first marathon was painful, but the training for it was a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend Marathon Dynamics to anyone. Whether you’re aiming for a particular time, or your goal is just to finish, the coaches will design a program that will help you safely and enjoyably reach your goal"

Midtown Dynamo Tara O

I have to say joining Marathon Dynamics has been a great decision for me. I was initially intimidated by all the great runners in your crew but I wanted to get better so decided to go for it. I have had a great time and feel like I've improved over the last few months. Everyone has been so supportive and you have been an amazing coach.

Tara O'Hagan - ran 3:55 PB at Marine Corps Marathon

Tara OHagan


Another Satisfied Customer ;o)  

"MDI does a fantastic job of tailoring your training to you. The plans are very detailed, the support is fantastic, and the results speak for themselves. Kevin really knows his stuff and his approach is both resolute and flexible at the same time. I look forward to working with them again to take the next step in my running.

MDI runner Glen Way improved his marathon PB by over 10 min in his first year with MDI (3:08 for a Boston Qualifier)

 Glen Way

Getting Faster For Years!

"I was so thrilled that you were thrilled. I could feel your genuine excitement. And you validated my sub-45. These are true traits of a high quality, caring, and remarkable coach: my preparation, my performance, and the personal attention that you give each and every one of your clients"

Long Time Dynamo Jackie Gallant, after improving her 10K PB by a full 3 minutes, running 44:39!

MDI-er Susan Kallsen
"if you follow the program you WILL get results. By following my Marathon Dynamics program faithfully I went from a 4:15 marathon to a 3:52 marathon and on to qualify for Boston. I then successfully used that program for a number of repeat performances (so it wasn’t just a “fluke”). The results are in the program – you do the time, you will see the results. And remember, if they say jump, you say how high!"
Better Than Ever!
A big THANK YOU to you and the crew for your invaluable coaching in this training cycle.
At the NYC Marathon (2014), in crazy windy conditions on a tough course, I ran a Boston Qualifier (3:20)!
After years of declining results, am in better shape now than I was 5 years ago.
This is all thanks to your plan and group workouts, and the mantra of NEGATIVE SPLITS and STRONG FINISH in long/race pace runs. You sure know what you are doing!
- MDI Dynamo Rookie Peter Malakhov
MDI Runner Stephan Steen  
"I had run 10 marathons and really needed something extra to boost my performance level if I was ever going to qualify for Boston.  With the help of MDI I managed to shave over 13 minutes off my PB at the Mississauga Marathon!  Without the MDI program and their support I could never have done so well"

MDI-er Benoit Keppenne

"8 months ago I was immobilized on an hospital bed with severe injuries suffered in a horrible motorcycle accident. I just ran my half marathon in 1:29--an 8 min PB!

This would not have happened without MDI's help. The personal plans are very effective at keeping you focussed & the camaraderie of the group running sessions and coaches push you to the limit without you even noticing it!"

Benoit K

Even more kudos?  
“Thanks to Kevin Smith and the Marathon Dynamics approach to training, I was able to fulfill a personal dream - to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  By joining the Marathon Dynamics team and following their program, I was able to improve my marathon PB from 3:57 to 3:19 in just one year!” 

“Even more important to me is that Kevin works really hard to foster a friendly and supportive team environment throughout training and coaching sessions... As a result, I have been able to establish incredible new friendships with some great people that share my passion for running.” 

New Marathon Dynamics Runner Harvey Foote

Harvey Foote

MDI Rookie Trevor Brown

"Your insight, training and expertise these past 20 weeks have been very valuable and have helped to make this accomplishment possible. 

I really enjoyed the team workouts and learned quite a bit about the running process that I was otherwise ignorant to, and am certain it will help to continue the improvements in my personal running as look forward to more challenges. Thanks again Kev for your insight and support"

Long Time MDI Runner Susan McCallum  

You are a genius! Your plans are magic. Do the work, run the race and get the time you worked for! So happy. 49:03 is an "age equivalent" PB for me!

Thanks've never let me down!

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